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Eldar 1250 vs Tau
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Eldar 1250 vs Tau

Need help coming up with good list against Tau for a game this afternoon. Can either run Foot or partial Mech. Will be a competitive game, and I'm a relative Noob (am following the posting directions & giving info). Have a TON of available models: Avatar, Eldrad, Farseer, 10 Warlocks, Yriel, Asurmen, Fuegan, Jain Zar, 10 Pathfinders, 34 Guardians, 20 DA's, 5 Reapers, 6 Scorpions, 14 Banshees, 5 Fire Dragons, 6 Swooping Hawks, 5 Spiders, 3 Guardian Jetbikes, 2 Falcons, 1 Prism, 1 Serpent, 3 Walkers, 5 Wraithlord, 3 Wraithguard, 1 D-Cannon w/ crew, 14 Harlequins (99% of this list is painted).

Foot list:
Avatar 155 pts

Farseer 163 pts
Runes of Witnessing, Spirit Stones, Singing Spear; Doom, Fortune, Guide

7 Banshees 134 pts
exarch, War Shout, Acrobatic

7 Harlequins 184 pts
with Shadowseer, all with Kisses

7 Pathfinders 168 pts

10 Guardians 95 pts
Scatter Laser HW Platform

Wraithlord 110 pts
Flamers x2, Shur Cannon, Wraithsword

Wraithlord 110 pts
Flamers x2, Shur Cannon, Wraithsword

2 War Walkers 130 pts
Spirit Stones, double Scatter Lasers on each

My "Partial Mech" list looks like this:
Eldrad 210 pts

5 Scorpions 117 pts
exarch, Shadowstrike, Chainsabres

10 Guardians 85 pts
Heavy Weapons Platform w/ Scatter Laser

10 Storm Guardians 92 pts
2 flamers

9 Dire Avengers 275 pts
exarch, Bladestorm
in Wave Serpent
Spirit Stones, Star Engines, twin-linked Scatter Lasers

5 Pathfinders 120 pts

Falcon 190 pts
Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon, Missile Launcher

Falcon 190 pts
Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon, Missile Launcher

That's pretty much it. My group is OK if we're a few points over our target points. Need suggestions as to which list may fare better against Tau, and any changes that would be recommended (please also let me know why). I tend to really like my Scorpions - love the 3 attacks they can get in assault, along with their lower save compared to Banshees. I kinow that the Banshees have power swords which helps, but they also tend to to get shot up fairly quickly. I was thinking of delivering the Scorpions to the opponent's back field in the Serpent (or I could simply infiltrate them, since I'd use Shadowstrike). Would also keep Eldrad in the Serpent, to extend the range of his powers (hull edges). If I infiltrate the Scorpions, I'd put the DA's in the Serpent instead along with Eldrad. I tend to park my Pathfinders in cover where there's an objective, and would also park the Falcons in my backfield and simply shoot at any valuable commodities on the other side. This is my first posting, so sorry if I've made any errors! Look forward to any help my Eldar brethren can offer. Thanks in advance!
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Kroot Warrior
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well theres on thing i would definitly take against tau is a squad of 10 banshees in a wave serpent. on your first turn move it 18'' so that if it is wrecked or destroyed by a railgun the banshees will come out un harmed, then in the next turn run them if your not close enough and then assault across the board with them, theres not much tau can do against I10 power weapons :O.
also if you plan on taking a wraith lord use it to cut open tanks s10 + 2d6 armour penetration means that you'll be stopping them from shooting almost instantly.

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