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Question on Precision Telekinesis power
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Default Question on Precision Telekinesis power

Can a psyker wield and attack with a weapon (either melee or ranged) using Precision Telekinesis?

Does this mean if I could physically handle a weapon, that I could manipulate that object as if I were physically handling it? Can I, for example, fire my Hunter Rifle no-handed? “Look, ma, no hands!” *Headshot*.

Does that mean for melee weapon I would add my Strength bonus (as if I were physically handling it) or my Willpower bonus (probably not, since it specifies the Characteristic test, rather than just characteristic) or neither?

For Characteristic tests using my Willpower, which modifiers affect me? If I’m using my Willpower to shoot instead of Ballistic Skill, do I get +30 for being at Point blank Range? Do I get -20 to my test for targeting a specific area on the body? For Weapon Skill, do I fight defensively with -10 to the Willpower test? If ganging up on a foe, would I get that +10 to the Willpower test?
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Default Re: Question on Precision Telekinesis power

Hmm, good question.

For a simple, quick and easy solution, I'd just say that shooting a rifle with the power of your mind sounds pretty awesome, and therefore sounds like it should be pretty hard.

And thinking about it, it occurs to me that you'd need BOTH ballistic and psy skill to do so- i.e., you'd need to be both a good shot and a good pysker. So i'd say, you have to take the test for the use of your telekinesis, and THEN just do the test as though you were standing there, holding your rifle, with any degrees of success/failure crossing over into modifiers for the BS skill...
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