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servitors... legit?
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Default servitors... legit?

sorry, i have another question.

i have a colorful and enthusiastic tech priest player who really wants a servitor.
him being really the one of only players who roleplays or puts anythought into his character, i'd really like to give him one. I'm just a little worried about it breaking the game.
sadly, i dont see an entry in the main rulebook (all i have) on making one.
anyone have any tips on making one?

if not, i think ill just make him drag home a destroyed body, work on it (costing alot of cash and time... possibly some tech use checks to vary on the quality), and just upgrade/degrade the origional stat line to fit something servitorish, and let him strap on any guns/fists/eyes/mechanical bits he'd like aslong as he buys them.
maybe give him a stupid special rule? if he rolls a 1 on his initiative check he just kinda buzzes and wurrs, confused by the instructions?

Edit: feel free to lock this or remove it or what ever you please, bought the inquisitor's handbook and found some answers
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