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Announcement: Dark Heresy Board Open
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Default Announcement: Dark Heresy Board Open

Alright so as you guys can see this board is brand new. For those of you wondering what it's about, Black Industries, a subsidiary of Black Library released a pen and paper RPG (that does use 40k scale models effectively) not too long ago. The game is titled "Dark Heresy" and follows the adventures of Inquisitorial Acolytes hunting down and purging the enemies of the Imperium, and sometimes others as well. So for those of you with some models lying around, a few buddies and a hankering for a late night RPG Dark Heresy isn't very expensive and everybody I've heard from loves it.

So that leads me to this board. To facilitate discussions on Dark Heresy, background material, scenarios, rules questions, and anything else relating to Dark Heresy specifically, come here and post about it and get feedback from our many Inquisition players and fellow Dark Heresy players as well.

Of course the normal rules and regulations of TO apply here as always, and if you have further questions feel free to PM either Ged or I about it.

That said welcome, and have fun guys! ;D

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Default Re: Announcement: Dark Heresy Board Open

Can we find the rules for this on the GW site like inquisitor?
The Shadow Hunters

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Announcement: Dark Heresy Board Open

Originally Posted by Youngy
Can we find the rules for this on the GW site like inquisitor?
In a word, No.
Its not even GW who make it, its a company called Fantasy Flight Games (bought the rights from black library)

You have to buy them, good luck actually finding them at non-crazy ebay prices though since the print run was so small.
Theres a second print run coming but no dates yet as to when that will be.
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