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Heroes and Villains of the Calixis Sector
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Default Heroes and Villains of the Calixis Sector

Greetings, Acolytes.

I present to you a place where servants of the Inquisition can gather and introduce themselves... or rather, their characters.

Feel free to post a biography, stat-sheet or general factoids about your character(s) here.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Heroes and Villains of the Calixis Sector

Hon. Commisar Zadian Victus, Assassin
I'll post a picture on thursday or friday, I built models for my character and Grunt's.
My character started out in a penal legion and has "trouble" with authority. (To date every authority figure has attempted to beat my character to death.) Early in life Victus was a promising ptifighter on a hive world, using speed, skill, and ferocity rather than strength, until one night in a back ally he was caught killing a man. This was surprising not for the fact that he killed a man, but that he was caught.
Soon after he was shipped off to fight orks, and through sheer brilliance managed to take down an ork warboss, though through agravating circumstances no-one was allowed to know that he did it. He was discharged with an honorary Commisariat and this got the attention of a local Innquisitor. Victus is currently fighting a rebellion with Grunt 90's character and is becoming a master of sniping and swordsmanship. Yay for the long las. Always hits if it doesn't jam after all of my customization, but never does much damage.
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Default Re: Heroes and Villains of the Calixis Sector

Well I have yet to actually get the Dark Heresy game, but I've played the sample scenario and have come up with a character already and he is actually featured in the most recent update to my story on Inquisitor Dante that can be found in the Fluff/Stories board, here's a quick overview:

Torin Weiss
-A former Corporal in the Imperial Guard and a Cadian, Torin had the some would say misfortune of saving the life of an Inquisitor on Sarthas VII, Dante to be precise. As pretty much the only survivor of his squad of the Cadian 597th and having seen quite a bit of Dante's actions, the Inquisitor simply had him listed as KIA and transferred to his team. Now Torin serves as an Acolyte in Dante's retinue along with Veteran PDF Trooper Tor, Sage/Calculus Logi Damien Ulvanos L'vile and Interrogator Frederick L'vile.

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Default Re: Heroes and Villains of the Calixis Sector

Well Hey All,

A Character Introduction thread, Sveet. Lets try to keep it to one post/character and one (read primary) character to poster so we can keep this tidy. Sound Good?

My Turn!

Name: Novus Gob
Homeworld: "Imperial World" (Dusk)
Class: Adept
(Current) Rank: Chirgeon
Prophesy: Resulted in an Adept with the ability to Frenzy... :
Appearance: Short brown hair (read Crew Cut), Hazel Eyes, 5'8" tall, 145 lbs. He has an overlarge nose, and a permenant frown on his face from countless hours spent pouring over banal manuscripts and the innards of loyal Imperial servants.
Age: 31
Weapon of Choice: Shock Flail - "It's a great focus for the dedicated Flagellant, and tends to upset people into leaving you alone..."

Quote: "It's not so bad really... The constant presense of death, the destruction of public property, the frequent loss of precious bodily fluids... *sigh* Join the Inquisition they said, it's a 'Real Man's Life' they said... *kicks a skull*"

Demeanor: Depressed and Melancholy (Think "Marvin the Depressed Robot" depressed for you Douglas Adams fans)

Novus was born on the world of Dusk in the Administratum Outpost ser on this wild planet to tally the yearly tithe. Unfortunately his inborn tendence to fly into berzerker rages and injure anyone that he defined as "an idiot and/or buffoon" often left him to travel as an actual Tax Collector.
Not only did Novus survive in this role, he thrived. He learned the basics of medicine from local Shamans, and spent time learning medica in his (brief) stays at the administatum office.
He was recruited by Interregator Samael Morsuul into the service of Inquisitor Sian Kytonus as a local guide during a mission to Dusk, and was kept on due to his "steadfastness and courage under fire" (Actually he is just so fed up with life that he really doesn't care if he lives or dies) and "His great devotion to the Emperor". (Novus is a Flagellant, but is so as much to study the healing process of his self-inflicted Injuries as for religeous reasons.)
Not only does he have an encyclopedic knowledge of the inner workings of beuaracracy, and a good sense of direction; he's handy during a fight, and handy to put you back together after a fight.

[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
Kytonus' Retinue

[glow=purple,2,300]Speaker for the Keeper of Secrets - The Cult of Slannesh[/glow]

-Craftworld Paragon's Rune Sign
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Default Re: Heroes and Villains of the Calixis Sector

Name: Severus Eisen
Class: Assasin <*insert groan of disapointment at d100 roll here*>
Homeworld: Hive; Noble <wow cah ching! $>
Rank: Night Hawk
Divination: "Trust in your fear"
Age: 27
Description: A slender man with olive skin black hair and black eyes and handsome facial features. He is clad either in a black body glove or black carapace armor a storm trooper sergeant won't be needing after a close encounter with a sniper's bullet to the cranium which surprisingly wasn't mine.
Weapon of Choice: Silenced Autogun loaded with Man Stopper bullets. With Nobility pay scale I can afford it.
Demeanor: Insufferably arrogant to you plebs but respectful to authority figures.

Brief History & Summary: Born to a noble family in the upper hives of Necromunda, Severus lead an unassuming life. Parties, politicing, he did all the normal noble things. Unfortunately he always found this boring. Eventually he found his calling as a hunter. He went from place to place, killing large game. Eventually this too got boring. Now he hunts the only prey left that sparks his interest; sentient beings.
Space Marines may be lauded as the ultimate warriors, but it takes a real man to walk with carapace armor and a hell guninto battle, then do their job for them without any genetic hoo-ha
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Default Re: Heroes and Villains of the Calixis Sector

Name: Eva Marinaris
Class : Assassin
Homeworld: Imperial Agri-world
Rank: Secluse
Divination: Violence solves everything
Age: 20

Appearance: A young, attractive slender woman with tan skin, grey hair with pink highlights and azure blue eyes, with a tribal-like electoo running down her right eye and her cheek. She is often clad in a syncsuit and also have a light armour underneath her synchsuit for further protection. She is also ambidextrous.

Personality: She a rather mischievous character with a sarcastic flair, but will often takes out her two prized stub automatics with red-dot laser sights and also silencers when she is pissed off by a stupid act by one of her teammates, a psyker by the name of Fantastipo, as a sign to the psyker that she will shoot him if he does things stupidly. She also tends to try to use her womanly charm to control people to do her bidding, even sometimes scamming them of their belongings. But nevertheless, when it comes to the art of killing, she is as cold as ice and will not hesitate to kill those who stand in her way.

Melee weapon: Knife, sword, mono-powersword
Missile weapons: Compact Laspistol, Long Las with red dot laser sights and also melee attachment, two stub automatics with red-dot laser sights and sliencers.

Weapon of Choice:
For long range combats: Long Las with Red-dot laser sights, melee atachments and also overcharged packs.

Brief History: Native to the Agri-world of Adhamar, Eva is always fascinated by the prospect of travelling away from the boring life of farming as her ancestors have done, and also has a morbid fascination with death. With these in mind, she decided to thread down the path of the assassin for a crime syndicate to fulfill both prospects.

Her talents soon came to the ears of Inquisitrix Angelina Kasteen, and she was recruited to join the newest group of acolytes under her command. Throughout her services to the God-emperor of mankind, she have acquired a dislike to psykers as a result of a psyker teammate who almost killed her on one of their missions. She will now always attempt to demean her psyker teammate, Fantastipo whenever the opportunity arises.

Guide to keeping:
Scorpions : Corn Snakes : Basilisks

Originally Posted by Emlyn
Originally Posted by FT
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I wasn't asking about the moderating staff.
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Default Re: Heroes and Villains of the Calixis Sector

Name: Zeke
Class: Arbitrator
Homeworld: Imperial - Civilized World
Rank: Arbitrator
Divination: Know the Mutant, Kill the Mutant

Appearance: Blond hair with Ruddy skin and Green eyes.

Personality: Cautious and more levelheaded than most of his comrades. He emphasize "Look first and Shoot later".

- Melee Weapons: Sword and Shock Maul
- Range Weapons: Laspistol, 2 Bolt Pistols and a Lasgun

Weapons of Choice: Bolt Pistols

Brief History: Hailing from the world of Chihad, the Arbitrator graduated from the world's Scholam Progenium with average scores. Though on the outside, he is both dutiful and faithful but inside, he is looking at ways of getting out of anything that might kill him. But the God-Emperor has seen this and by pure chance, he came across Inquisitrix Angelina Kasteen during the Inquisition's regular Inspection of the Space Marine Chapter that rule over Chihad. Always looking for a "few good men", Zeke was, reluctantly, recruited into one of her many Acolyte Cells.
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Default Re: Heroes and Villains of the Calixis Sector

Name: Malleus Nihilus "The Crisis"
Class: Imperial Psyker
Homeworld: Feral World
Rank (current): Scholar Medicae
Divination: "The only true fear is dying with your duty not done."

Appearance: Lean and tall with pale skin and short black hair (when hiding his mutation), a tattoo of the wings of the Aquila cover his face below the eyes.

- Melee Weapons: Carved primary Carnisaur tooth (Primitave sword, psy focus.)
- Ranged Weapons: Hellpistol (never fired)

Psy Rating: 4
- Biomancy:
-- Seal Wound
-- Shape Flesh
-- Hammerhand
-- Regenerate

- Mutation: Brute
- Living Nightmare
- Favored by the Warp

Mallear was not expected to survive his sanctioning. Taken by the Black ships while he was only six years old, some in the Scholastica Psykana believed that he had the potential to be an alpha-grade psyker. While this was not unanimously believed, his sanctioner attempted to kill him discretely during the Tongue-Binding sanction that had been chosen for him. While Mallear survived the poisenous inks and sorcerous assault on his mind, his power was greatly reduced and his mind was turned in upon itself, twisting his mind into a living nightmare.

Most of his time with the Scholastica Psykana was spent learning to maintain control of his body, rather than his mind, hiding his inner nightmares from manifesting in physical quirks. By the time he left the Psykana at the ate of 23, he was not only the picture of calm composure, but a bastion of both mental and physical resilience.

Currently, he operates under the mysterious Inquisitor Hangman, and alongside his fellow Psyker, Lyra the Gunner (the two seem to have a mother and child relationship, as Lyra was taken away from her biological children by the black ships.) In their time serving the inquisition, the two have taken down a number of cultists and most reciently, have assisted in banishing a mid-level daemon of Tzeench.

Though in the process of learning how to succeed at such feats, Crisis himself has become contractually bound to Tzeench itself, a fact only known to two of his fellow acolytes. One of the two is Gunner, who cannot bear to kill him, and has herself succumbed to heresy at least once while protecting him.
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