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Other names for the Dark Eldar people
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Default Other names for the Dark Eldar people

What do Dark Eldar call themselves? Just read about Vect being the first to call him and his people 'Dark Eldar' but are there other names? Just like Fantasy Dark Elves call themselves Druchii (don't know if that translates to 'dark Elves', though). I imagine Comorraghians being happy with such a sinister name, but it's a tad korny. :P Webway Eldar, as to simply differ them from Craftworld Eldar? Kabal(ite) Eldar? Comorraghians?

(wh40k Lexicanum for Eldar lexicon suggest they actually use 'Druchii' for 'the Dark Ones'.)

Great site for all DE stuff.
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I can't recall the Eldar name for them, but really we're just Eldar. Although they stick with that because they never left the webway while the other Eldar chose to leave in fear (Didn't turn out well for them, just a note). So, dark eldar would be the true Eldar.
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I would say that Kabalite is the most likely but that system didn't come into play until the rise of Vect.

The Eldar didn't actually live in the webway... The whole reason for the fall was because overly indulgent individuals went to places like Commorragh, which was a secluded place in the webway, outside of Eldar law, so they could practice their gruesome self-indulgence.

"One by one, the leaders of the cults of excess that were taking over Eldar society became obsessed with their own power. They relocated their powerbases into the labyrinth dimension known as the webway, for such was their influence that they could command entire sub-realms to be crafter in which to continue their debased works. Unseen, these dilettante lords grew in power and influence, initiating more and more of the ancient Eldar into their strange and shadowy creeds."

The ancients used the webway a lot, but it wasn't their home. Also, there are no "true" Eldar. The Exodites saw the fall coming early and left, then right before the fall the Craftworld Eldar split. The remaining ancient Eldar died when Slaanesh was born, and the Dark Eldar were protected in Commorragh.
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