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Dawn of war soulstorm fighting dark eldar?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Dawn of war soulstorm fighting dark eldar?

Im playing as the Imperial guard and the dark eldar have these invisible guys that are owning me. I cant target them, and they keep destroying my buildings and killing my troops. How do I target these guys so I can kill them?

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You need to create some psykers at your HQ. They can detect infiltrating/stealth units. Attach those to some squads.
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Kroot Warrior
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psykers! yea definately! BUT AS A BIT OF ADVICE!! when you come to fight the ork stronghold make sure you mass your soldiers and keep increasing your cap otherwise you will get slaughtered same with the space marines and sisters of battle
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If we are talking about the video game, as Tau I massed an infantry force and spent all my vehicle points on fighters for the ork stronghold. Held my position with the infantry and chewed the flanks and took out facilities until I could move forward again and secure a new battle line. Took awhile but was very effective. As for dark eldar invis units Tau is easy, pathfinders see invis.
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