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How do you guys play 'Nids?
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Default How do you guys play 'Nids?

I had a game vs 'Nids this week, hung on to a losing draw - those guys are tough to fight what with the fast moving hordes and all the saves the major charecter get. We play 1500pts, the 'Nnids were something like:

- HQ - one of those thingies that spawns more 'Nids (it spawned a horde of 15 in the game)
- Large beast that popped out the ground
- 3 Hive Guard
- 6 Raveners (I think)
- 15 Gargoyles
- 1 Mawloc
- 2 units of about 15 Gaunts
- 6 Warriors
- Ripper swarm

My DE are a fairly standard issue shooty lot with a bit more h2h than usual:

- Tooled up Dracon with Warrior retinue (S/C) on raider
- 10 Wych unit + Succubus & Blaster
- 3 Dark Lance Squads
- 2 Raider squads with S/C
- Warpbeast unit
- 2 Ravagers
- Talos

(Over the years we have honed the list, and found the extra H2H that the Warpbeasts and Talos give outweights the loss of firepower.

Anyway, the DE shot off all the hordes, but those big tough things with 2+ wounds were not going down even to 15 Dark lances flashing off every bound! We got to the 6 bound game end at a draw points loss (c 550 of mine, c 450 of his) but it was pretty uncomfortable!

How do you guys handle them?
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Default Re: How do you guys play 'Nids?

Dark lances, Dark lances and more dark lances. Then blasters, blasters and more blasters. Then disintegrators, disintegrators and more disintegrators.

In our FOC it is possible to have around 50 S8 AP2 lance weapons - it is unreal!

Against the big boys (monstrous with 3+ or 2+ saves) these things are good
-Ravagers with lances
-10 warrior, 2 lance squad (used in numbers)
-5 Scourges with lances (expensive yes, but alot of lances for one slot. Tyranids lack the shooting to take them down if you deploy them in cover)
-Jetbikes with blasters (cost under 100 points for 3 bikes, 2 blasters, and are very fast)
-Lords/succubi/syrabites with agonizers. Toughness 6? thats ok i wound on 4s and ignore armour!
-Haemonculi bikers. Shoot stingers (2+ to wound) and then assault (2+ to wound again, with a ridiculous amount of attacks)

Against the little boyz (gaunts, etc)
-Shredders (alot of nid players compress their gaunt squads for easy/lazy movement so make them pay)
-Splinter cannons (very very good)
-5 scourges with 4 cannons (very very dangerous as they can deepstrike where you want have have great range for their volleys of fire)

I would change your list quite a bit though.
-Put agonizers on succubi on your raider squads and an agonizer on your wych succubus and lord.
-Upgrade dracon to archon so that he lasts longer and has more attacks, ws, bs and initiative.
-Take out warpbeasts. 75 points on a unit which has very low answer to punishment really isnt needed tbh

Talos is a great choice though - he is far better value than most of the nid MCs and will have alot of fun with them in close combat too

Hopefully this helps, fellow kin

Lord Zambia
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How do you guys play 'Nids?

I haven't really played against the new 'nids but here is my input. Yeah we've got alot of great weapons for taking out the big guys and our regular guns can actually be quite effective against gaunts (they have little armour and toughness 3! splinter rifle dream come true). The best way I think to tackle them is to hang back and shoot shoot shoot. When they get close, move. Dark eldar are still one of the fastest armies out there and can cover alot of ground fast. Wyches are very ideal to fight nids with wych weapons, invuln save in combat and a high initiative. another suggestion would be to toss some agonizers around (like one on your succubus) as it really helps out in combat (as Lord Zambia mentioned).

A talos would add some backbone, however I find it only works agaisnt combat oriented armies (he's too slow to play offense with the rest of the DE army). So if your making a nid hate list he will work out but I find against shooting armies he doesn't really do to well (that being said he's cheap and can help support a troop sitting on an objective).

Hope that helps
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kill the Synaps creatures near the gaunts
if there is nothing in 12" they got to take ld test (at ld 5 >.<) or go running XD
be GLAD about him not having 12 fexes (3 broods of 3 on hvy and 3 singles on elite >.<) and him only having a mawloc and some other not worthy thingies
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