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Tau Online Grand Reaving Season Quiz Competition: Dark Eldar
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Default Tau Online Grand Reaving Season Quiz Competition: Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar Quiz

  • Quiz is open now until the 31 June 2009 at 12 Midnight GMT.
  • Answer the questions to the fullest. If you’re unsure of an answer, take a guess (or just leave blank)!
  • Submit your answers to Deraj


Easy Questions
These questions are worth 1 point each.
1. What is the name of Asdrubael Vect's kabal?
2. Which wargear may only be used by succubi?
3. Which 2 [infantry] units do not have fleet of foot?
4. What is the minimum number of Incubi you need in a retunue to upgrade one to a master?
5. Who is believed to be the founder of the Incubi?
6. Who do not share the color scheme of the kabal or cult they fight for?
7. Where did Kheradruak get his name?
8. What seperates the Cult of Strife from other Wych cults?
9. What 2 things are strange about Kruellagh the Vile's kabal?
10. What breaks down the ammunition of the DE splinter weapons and fires it?

Difficult Questions:
These questions are worth 3 points each.
1. What Dark Eldar craft is named for a creature in the Syros Deathworlds?
2. How many vehicles, including those from Imperial armor have a front armor higher than 10?
3. What allows the Dark Eldar ships to confuse their enemies into thinking they are one of the enemies own ships?
4. In which space conflict were Dark Eldar attacked while attacking the Eldar?
5. Early in the Dark Eldar rules, what happened when a model was killed by a Haemonoculus Flamer?

Bonus question
If this question is correct and all of the easy questions are answered correctly, it earns you a bonus of 5 points.
How did Dark Eldar players get their own story line changed by games worskshop during the Medusa V campaign?

As you can see, there are 30 points up for grabs in the quiz!
  • If you get all 30 points, you get a Gold Quiz Seal.
  • If you get 24 points or more, you earn a Silver Quiz Seal.
  • If you get 18 points or more, you earn a Bronze Quiz Seal.
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Default Re: Tau Online Grand Reaving Season Quiz Competition: Dark Eldar

I I just want to notify you of a recent change in the quiz timings:
Originally Posted by Zenai
Attention! It seems that I have failed to grasp the concept of Summer thus we will really run the Quiz the entire Summer so the TOGSQC will only end at the end of August 31st.
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Hi i am jyoti

really impressed Aboard, Nazca, a Tau Emissary class starship, Shas’el R’au of the Shadow Cadre gazes out of a portal. Glittering specks of distant stars shines brightly amid a sea of darkness. Each sparkle marked a distant star system, galaxy, or planet. The vast depth of the universe was both infinite and sublime, a constant reminder of how microscopically small the Tau and its neighbors were compared to the greater picture. R’au’s pride swell, knowing he was at the forefront of a grand crusade. There was no greater purpose than to unite the star systems for greater good.
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