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Where do i begin?
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Default Where do i begin?


Im probably going to start collecting Dark Eldar, my first 40k army. I already play a chaos undivied / khorne / tzeench army in fantasy.

Apparantly DE is a great army for tactics, and i would relly like to get a good army
On problem though, i dont have a clue what to buy to start off!

Please Help!
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Default Re: Where do i begin?

The Codex first, most importantly. Make sure it says 'Second Edition' on the cover, as there are two versions. The 'Second Edition' version has the improved tweaked rules.

If you are going for a Kabal army, I'd say first buys should be a Lord model, two Raiders, a box of plastic Warriors and a pair of metal Warriors with Blasters. That'll set you up with enough models to make a decent 400pt Combat Patrol list consisting of a Dracon and two Raider Squads.

Check out the Tactica too: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=2759.0 I'd recommend the Webway Portal army as it's the most fun IMHO, and the most effective also.
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Default Re: Where do i begin?

Ok you have 2 choices

wych or kabal army ethier way you need

archite or archon

2xwarriors or 2xwych squads and warpbeasts
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Default Re: Where do i begin?

this is under assumption that you're going basically with all possibilities.

get 2 warrior squad boxes, and two blisters for dark lance warriors. than get a lord, or customize one of the warriors to a 'superior' role.

get the codex

play a small game, and determine what you could do to make the army better, and what tactic you wish to run (for dark eldar have many to choose from... one thing i love about em)
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