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Dark Eldar players: Introduce Yourselves!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Dark Eldar players: Introduce Yourselves!

Name: Zayle The tau hunter
How long have you played 40K/ Dark Eldar: this is my 6th or 7th year playing 40k, my 3rd or 4th year playing dark eldar and I love them
Your geographic location: Play at heroes world in Markam, Ontario
Cabal Name: Zayle, after a foiled Absdurel assassination (originial right?), has been exiled from Commograth and is currently rebuilding his forces
Typically employed units: Raider squads, wych squads, warrior squads
Least employed units: (units that don't typically have compatibility with your lists)
HQ of choice: Reaver jet bike archon (IMO the best independant character in the game)
Tactical/Strategic Strengths: My army does well against everyone with it's strong mix of combat, long range and short range shooting, Kill points is my weakness
Areas you'd like to improve: I need to learn to sit back a bit against combat armies and shoot. My other army is black templar and I've really grown accustomed to pushing forward no matter who I fight. It's cost me a few games agaisnt orks and nids.

And some questions that might help:

1) Fill in the blank: I would love to use hellions in my Dark Eldar army, but would like to learn more on how to use them/it.

2) I am currently painting/modeling warriors, and could use some feedback/advice.

3) Do you have a particular goal with your Dark Eldar army? My biggest goal is to get my dark eldar army to about 3000 points (I've never really had a big army before)
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Dark Eldar players: Introduce Yourselves!

Name: people call me Frogger alot of the time.
Length of Time: Honestly, just really started. been toying with a lot of ideas and trying to figure out exactly what army and such i wanted to play with, and i always came back to the DE.
Location: at the moment i'm trapped in a rainforest but live either in new jersey or ohio.
Kabal Name: Tentatively, the Bloodied Maw, I've always like the the term Sarcophyle, so i'd like to work that in there if i can.
Typically Employed Units: I'm a really big fan of haemonculi and reavers, and i find hellions intriguing.
Rarely Used Units: i really love the idea of the talos and it is a monster, but i'm not sure i'd be able to use it really effectively. Nevertheless i'm working on a conversion of one, mostly using wraithlord, nid warrior parts and of course greenstuff.
Tactical Strengths: mobile terrain for raiders, alot of rushing in.. i'm not exactly the most tactically minded of persons. But i'm learning.
Improvements: all around i just need to become a better player, tactically. I'm working on getting my modelling & painting skills up but need to spend a bit more time there.

I've put together a 1k list o'er the last couple of days after reading some material both here and other places. Looking for C&C but i feel that some experience with this most particular of armies would really do me very well. Should i post that here, or just make a little thread in the main area?

I would love to be able to use talos really well, and could use some direction with that.
Currently working on the aforementioned Talos conversion. (i'll post a pic/concept drawing when i make some real progress.)
In terms of goals, i really want to put together a real backstory to my army, and have it be light, quick, and terrifying. Except for y'know, grotesques 'n talos.
"I could hear the metallic chugging of the mill beyond the tall industrial and apartment buildings. The town was where buildings went to die. Everywhere was a broken window, a crumbling factory, a rat-infested bar/apartment complex. Much like the one I was living in now. And above now. Sitting on a neon sign, looking at all that I had to face, the sharp bones of the destruction, the shattered glass, the malevolence, the greed. The bloodstrained eyes of the all-or-nothing junkies just dying to bleed for a score."
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