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new eldar codex
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Default new eldar codex

next year there will be a new cool eldar codex they'll maybe bring the harlequins back ;D the dark eldar and eldar,harlequins will be in 1 codex I heard from peeps who are working by the GW ^-^
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Default Re: new eldar codex

Hello and welcome to the boards. May you have some happy posting? If you have a question then please ask anyone that is in the forum and I am sure that they will happily give a reply. Also make sure to read the forum rules here.

Also there has been some talk previously about this topic in the 40k rumors board and here is another link.

You are correct that there will be a new eldar codex coming out in the near future. It will be very interesting to see what GW can come up with.(I hope they keep wraith lords, I hope they keep wraith lords) also people have seemed to come across the information that Dark eldar and harlequins will be in the same codex. this will also make it more fun to have a variety of new variations for army lists. One of my major hopes is that they also keep the Craftworld eldar codex and give the farseers more psychic powers. Happy posting.
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Default Re: new eldar codex

Hi Thayron. What type of Eldar army do you collect?

Next year eh....I hope so. I thought GW was planning to do Tau, Black templar and Orks first but hey, if it's true I'm not complaining.

I really hope that Dark Eldar won't be with Eldar. They are two completely different armies who hate each other - putting them together is like putting chaos space marines together with space marines.

Of course they'll keep wraithlords, why shouldn't they keep wraithlords (peers around in a way which suggests extreme paranoia...)
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