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Ulthwe Strike Force 1500pts, "From the Webway we Emerge!"
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Default Ulthwe Strike Force 1500pts, "From the Webway we Emerge!"

Ulthwe Strike Force 1500pts

Seer Council Far'shan
Farseer, Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Mind War, Wraithgate- 121pts
Farseer, Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Fortune- 76pts
Warlock, Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Enhance- 42pts
Warlock, Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Augment- 32pts
Warlock, Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Conceal- 47pts
Warlock, Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Enhance, Wraithgate- 92pts Joins Storm Guardians
Total: 410pts


Black Guardians 1
16 Black Guardians, Scatter Laser- 168pts

Black Guardians 2
16 Black Guardians- 128pts

Black Guardians 3
16 Black Guardians- 128pts

Black Guardians 4
16 Black Guardians- 128pts

Black Storm Guardians
16 Black Storm Guardians, 2 Fusion Guns- 136pts Joined By Warlock With Enhance

Black Vyper Jetbike Squadron
2 Vypers, Bright Lances, Spirit Stones- 170pts

Black Vyper Jetbike Squadron
2 Vypers, Spirit Stones- 140pts

Black Guardian Support Battery
2 D-Cannons- 100pts

Total PTS Value: 1498pts
Models: 93
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