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An Idea Thread!
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Default An Idea Thread!

I thought that the Eldar board should have a topic where people can post there ideas for new units or characters.

Here's one of mine. Eldar assassins. They are like rangers on steriods. They have a sniper, a power sword, and some special abilities against HQ's. They are elites. My codex is in air frieght so I can't put up some stats unless you get me a link. Tell me your thoughts on this and post some stats of your own if you want

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Default Re: An idea board!

I'm thinking this should be in the house-rules board...
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Default Re: An Idea Thread!

I'm thinking this thread is fine here for the moment, any rules people agree on could be posted there.

Fuegan - So Pathfinders with Power Swords? I'm thinking a single Pathfinder with a Power Sword and Ranger Rifle that can single out individuals just like the Vindicare Assasin.
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