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Ulthwe army list no. 2 (the improved version)
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Old 31 Jul 2005, 16:56   #1 (permalink)
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Default Ulthwe army list no. 2 (the improved version)

After posting my 1st list I altered a few of the squads and made some other changes, this list is around 1700pts at most, any comments or suggestions are welcome

Seer council-
3x Farseers- (3) witchblades, (3) S.P, Guide, Fortune, Mind War, (1) spirit stone
5x Warlocks- (5) cc weapons, (5) S.P, Enhance, Emboden, Augment
Spear of Khaine-
2x warlocks- (2) Witchblades, (2) s.p, Enhance, Emboden

9x Striking Scorpions- haywire grenades
1x Exarch- Scorpion's claw, stealth

(2) 20x Black Guardians- star cannon, warlock w/ cc weapon, s.p, conceal,

Fast Attack:
(2) 2x Vypers- (1) star cannon, (1) shruiken cannon, (1) spirit stone

Heavy Support:
Wraithlord- (2) flamers, bright lance
Falcon- Shuriken cannon, bright lance, holo field, spirit stone

Thanks for taking the time to read my list ;D
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Default Re: Ulthwe army list no. 2 (the improved version)

looks good but i would give yor farseer a spirit stone, so on unit can re-roll misses and armor saves or you can re-roll armor saves and go charachter hunting.
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Default Re: Ulthwe army list no. 2 (the improved version)

sod spirit stones, get another farseer, give him a cc/sp. you then have more attacks and more wounds within the council.

giving a farseer more than one psychic power is pretty much a pointsink. (as spirit stones cost the same as another farseer anyway) where's the harm in getting another one and using two points to kit him out a bit?

if you're feeling saucy then you could throw a witchblade/singing spear on it also.

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Default Re: Ulthwe army list no. 2 (the improved version)

I'll keep this topic open for now, but it would have been better to just write up the new list in your old thread.
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