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Independent Character and unit affecting spells
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Independent Character and unit affecting spells

Hi all!
A question came up in one of our games recently. 'Fortune' was cast on a unit that included an independent character. During the opponents shooting phase, the entire unit was wiped out besides the IC. Does the IC still get the benefits from 'Fortune', even though the unit no longer exists?

Specifically I'm looking for any official rulings or rules that I can reference. I believe that once he reverts to being an IC he loses any benefits from being in the unit. But I'm not sure.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Kroot Warrior
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This may be an incorrect interpretation, but my thoughts are as follows based on various sources.

If an IC leaves a unit, it loses the powers cast on the unit that it benifited from whilst with the unit.

If the character reverts to being an IC due to the squad being wiped out around it, then I would say that the powers cast on the unit would still apply to the IC as it didn't leave the unit and still has to test as a member of the unit for Ld tests until the start of the following turn.

I could be wrong though.

If it's any help, I'm planning on introducing the INATFAQ to my gaming group for rules clarifications.
It can be found here: www.dakkadakka.com/core/inat_faq.jsp

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