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Looking to start a lightly themed army, help with choice
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Looking to start a lightly themed army, help with choice

Hi There

I have been playing 40k for a while with a friend using his 2 armies, he has Marines and Orks. But I've decided to take the plunge and venture out to get myself an force to use.

After looking though all the races I decided it has to be Eldar, party due to their fluff. With this in mind the forces I like the look of the most are Iyanden and Alaitoc. I was wondering if one of these in generally considered to be less competetive than the other or if both will be able to stand their own vs marines or Orcs.

As I said I will be looking towards themed..but not to the extremes of just the theme units, I will be looking towards a balance or variety and theme

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Kroot Warrior
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I would say that all types of list could be competetive. It all depends on your style of play.
If you can find it, you could get the Craftworld Eldar expansion from 3rd Edition as a guide for fluff to help construct your army. Most of the 'flavour' can be represented by the 5th Edition Codex under the force organisation and options.

Have a look round the Web at other peoples builds for ideas as well. I did this and i'm trying things that aren't popuar or just strange variations on other builds.

Hope this helps.
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