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Just starting Eldar and need some advice
Old 24 Mar 2011, 15:43   #1 (permalink)
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Default Just starting Eldar and need some advice

Okay Ive gotten this crazy idea about building a scratchbuilt Eldar army. Okay it wont actually be Eldar but they will be playing under the Eldar rules.
My question is basically would an army built mostly from Wave Serpents with Missile Launchers, Vypers with more Missile Launchers and Fireprisms be playable. My goal is not to win tournaments with this list it really is scratchbuilding an army but I want to be actually able to play with it on occation.
And I dont know anyone who plays Eldar so I cant really ask around here. Besides what my friends play have always been a big part of how I decide which army to play.
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Wave Serpents and Prisms are decent tanks- the question is- what will you be sporting as troops and the rest of your list?
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