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Swooping Hawks
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Default Swooping Hawks

What is the point of swooping hawks? as far as i can tell they have no purpose other than to deep strike, drop their grenades and skyleap to do it again next turn. I just think that warp spiders are superior in almost every way.
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personally, I don't use either swooping hawks or warp spiders because I have a Saim-Hannish army that has jetbikes so there is really not much need for much fast attack.
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What you forget, is that Swooping Hawks are one of the best tank hunters of the entire Eldar Warhost.

Unlike Fire Dragons, they don't need a transport to get to the tank - assaulting it with their haywire grandes will strip off all its hullpoints in 1 round of assault, and turn it into a nice wreck to get coversaves from, before the hawks assault the next tank and so on.

And if there are no tanks to assault, they'll go back into ongoing reserves, then arrive back into play, deliver a 2nd grenade blast and wipe up the stragglers with their improved lasblasters.
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