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Restructuring Eldar 1500pt
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Default Restructuring Eldar 1500pt

Hi - played a tournament last year with a 1500pt list as follows, middling results - would appreciate thoughts of how to change it - it was (approx):


1 Farseer, Singing Spear, Fortune


Striking Scorpions 6 (in Falcon)

ShadowSeer 1 (Kiss)
Harlequins 6 (Kiss)


Wave Serpent for Army 90 ScatterLaser +25 Spirit Stone +10
(allocated at beginning of each game)

Guardian Squad 1
Warlock 1
Heavy Weapons 1 StarCannon +25
Guardians 8

Guardian Squad 2
Heavy Weapons 1 StarCannon +25
Guardians 8

Dire Avengers
Exarch 1 Bladestorm
Avengers 9

Rangers 5


Vyper 1 45 Missile
Vyper 2 45 Missile


Falcon 115 ScatterLaser Spirit Stone
WraithLord 1 90 Bright Lance
WraithLord 2 90 Bright Lance

The units that failed to impress were the Dire Avengers and Harlequins, Wraithlords and Rangers were so-so. Was thinking of re-equipping with another Falcon, putting in a few more Warlocks, removing the Harlequins, splitting the Dire Avengers into 2 units in the Falcons to grab terrain objectives and putting the Scorpions in the Serpent. Prob still want 1 more h2h unit, maybe a pumped up HQ?
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ok first off scrap the farseer for phoenix lord asurmen he's extremelt powerful and has a very good save of 2+.The dire avengers should stick within 3 inches of Asurmen.Scrap the harlequins for howling banshees and shove them in a wave serpent do the same with the scorpions! you really want to focous ur elites on combat because the eldar combat units are ultimately,very powerful send the scorpions and banshees in wave serpents straight to the enemy wipe out as many as you can and fight until your elites get killed,by that time i guarantee more of there team wil be slaughtered than yours!

the wraithlords are very good and keep the bright lances because they provide heavy gunning support for tanks and troops!

all in all hope this helps a tiny bit and Eldar are definately a team worth collecting!
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