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Rules Question
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Rules Question

I'm new to the game and had what are probably a few simple questions.
1) If an Autarch on a Jetbike joins a squad of Shining Spears with Withdraw, does the Autarch gain the benefit of hit and run? I imagine that the answer applies to an Autarch joining a squad of warp spiders also.
2) Can an Eldar vehicle with star engines move 24" in the move phase and another 12" in the shooting phase?

Thanks in advance.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Rules Question

1.) Yes, check out p. 21 of your Eldar book

2.) Yes too, as far as I know the rules for moving flat out for vehicles prevent you from shooting but since your not shooting anyways when you use star engines you can still use them. So very fast skimmers.

On a side note bikes if they go 24" cant use their little 6" assault move because they aren't allowed to do any other action when moving like that.
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