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any tactics for the Eldar with the new rules?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default any tactics for the Eldar with the new rules?

I remember reading an artical in a White Dwarf magazine that dealt with using the web gate to bring in the rest of the force. I remember that a far seer opens a gate and any units that are on foot may come through. Is that tactic a good one to use or not. Also has anyone ever used that tactic with the 5th ed rules?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: any tactics for the Eldar with the new rules?

So the only thing I believe that article is referring to is the old Ulthwe Assault Force army out of the Eye of Terror book. It involved a different force organization system and a couple of wacky unit differences, like a farseer that could place a blast template that the entire army can come out of it and a Avatar of Khaine with a warlock retinue.

Its out of date so its kinda not up to official standards or current edition rule sets. But I'm sure you could play it in friendly games.

Theres also a apocalypse formation that is based around the same army build on the GW website if your interested now that i think about it.

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