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Opinions wanted for next unit
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Default Opinions wanted for next unit

Hey all,

I have a relatively small Ulthwe army that I'm constantly expanding. I've posted a link below to a rough army list of what I currently own, and field for the most part. For my next purchase, I'm looking to either add more Rangers(Pathfinders), or another unit of aspect warriors; particularly Warp Spiders, Banshees, or Swooping Hawks. I often drive myself nuts trying to choose the next unit or model to buy for my armies, and I must add that unit stats/wargear/abilities alone do not rule my judgement. More times than not, I'm lured to a model solely due to aesthetics above all else. I'm not one to field an army of models that aren't visually pleasing to me, just because they have amazing in-game characteristics.

That said, I really enjoy each of the models I listed above, and now want to know what you guys think would most benefit my army as it stands. Even if it's a unit or model I didn't mention above, I still want to know what you would recommend to best upgrade my Eldar, and I'm open to all ideas. Hope to hear from you guys!

**Here is my current list: http://tauonline.org/?content=army_lists&army=1694 **

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Default Re: Opinions wanted for next unit

I'm kinda surprised as an Ulthwe army you aren't considering another Guardian squad.
Anyway, I'd probably recommend a jetbike squad. They'll provide more maneuverability and boost your troop count. Throw in a warlock with conceal and a singing spear for good measure.
Another possibility would be a wraithlord, but then you're adding in yet another heavy. Not horrible in itself, but you might get complaints from your opponents. On the plus side, you could sword arm it and paint it up as a BIG Howling Banshee.
Whatever, choose what you like and what seems to fit your play style. I know I play differently from a lot of others. Not many people get complaints that they're being overrun by Tau.
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Default Re: Opinions wanted for next unit

I would agree with guardians for a troops choice, as it's always nice to have more troop choices for objectives and such. Plus the heavy weapon. Overall, I think fast attack is needed. Jetbikes are a viable option, but I personally would reccomend a unit of warp spiders. They're excellent skirmishers and can hold their own versus all kinds of infantry, can disable vehicles from the front or destroy them if you maneuver to the rear.

Or alternatively, you could throw some spirit stones on the farseer and add a few more warlocks to give yourself a potent seer council. Very Ulthwe.
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Default Re: Opinions wanted for next unit

Of the ones you actually mentioned I'd say Warp Spiders. They are good against just about all other armies. Swooping Hawks are good against IG, Tau, and some others but lack punch for marines or numbers for orks. Unless you make them a distraction squad. Banshees are good on the charge but can't take what they can dish-out. There's my 2 cents.
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