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Eldar Weapons and Confusions
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Default Re: Eldar Weapons and Confusions


Dire Avengers - anti-horde, GEQ, and MEQ (to an extent). Ranged. Fast.
Howling Banshees - anti-MEQ and TEQ. CC. Fast.
Striking Scorpions - anti-horde and GEQ. CC. Tough.
Fire Dragons - anti-TEQ and anti-tank. Ranged. Fast.
Shining Spears - anti-GEQ/MEQ/TEQ and anti-light tank. CC with moderate ranged capability. Extremely tough and fast.
Dark Reapers - anti-MEQ (primarily). Ranged and tough.
Swooping Hawks - anti-horde and GEQ, with capability to be anti-tank. Ranged. Fast.
Warp Spiders - anti-GEQ, MC, and anti-light tank. Ranged. Fast and tough.

(Before the fur flies, I listed the primary, intended uses. I know full well the statistics concerned the Scorps against MEQs.)

About the only niche I can see is a moving Dark Reaper Aspect. Put a nice gun on a bike and have them use that. Powerfist Aspects are viable, too, and the idea of an actual vehicular Aspect is just cool.

We don't have a horde Aspect...

Hah, completely unfluffy. But we don't.
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Default Re: Eldar Weapons and Confusions

Mine were...

Frost Revenants - Short ranged GEQ (long ranged anti MEQ upgrade), MEQ (close combat), slow, tough.
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Default Re: Eldar Weapons and Confusions

And I know they are not technically an aspect, but they do take a niche in the eldar list.

Harlequins. To me they kinda fit in between scorps and banshees, but give us yet another CC unit.
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Default Re: Eldar Weapons and Confusions

I think of them almost as an aspect anyway. Technically they are not but they act a little like it. The rules for them are good for a DIY aspect though if they all have the same weapons and don't upgrade characters.
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I hope no one minds if I revisit this old string but my wife plays eldar while I play Tau so I sometimes do some reading seeing if I can find anything that might help her as well. I noticed anti-horde units being mentioned but it also being mentioned that there is no Eldar horde units. Well here was the thought that sprung into my mind, what happens to the truly old eldar who have never really been involved as a combatant. okay sure they all trained as Guardians when they were young but what if it has been centuries or millenia (not sure on eldar life span) of just being a cobbler, a tailor, or a grocer. What if their life has been fulfilled but they just dont want to just fade out but are to old and infirmed to truly take the field as warriors. Seeking to go out well instead of just fading into the darkness of death so gathering together into the eldar mobs you mention being missing. Say up to 30 individuals/models, 5 or 6 points each, WS, BS, S of 2 (they are old and inexperienced), T of 3, W, I, & A of 1 but with a high leadership due to it being their last chance not to just fade away with standard guardian armor and shurkin catapult (that is the standard rifle right?). Thats just my thought of what came to mind after reading this.
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