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Codex conundrum
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Default Codex conundrum

Hey. recently two friends of mine came over, one bringing an extremely dilapidated Codex: Eldar and the other an extremely dilapidated older Codex:Eldar. Anyway, some of the pages appear to have fallen out, and I would appreciate help identifying whose codex it is as one freind has lost his Codex and can't identify either way, and I have been unable to contact the other via phone or FB. As my scanner is not working I have pulled this image off the web, its the first page out of the 10 or so I have:

[image removed]

Anyway, would appreciate any1 with a codex to hand telling me which one this is.
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Default Re: Codex conundrum

It's 4th Ed Eldar, IE current, and more importantly, you cannot post any copy of any copywritten GW material whatsoever on these forums, not even a single page.

As the thread is answered, image removed and thread locked.
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