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Emerald Phoenix Raiding Force
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Default Emerald Phoenix Raiding Force

This army list is based on the Eldar raiding force I command - it is rigidly fluff-adherent so it may be underpowered - the idea of the list is that it has limited resources and used as a hard-hitting attack force. Any input would be muchly apreciated.

Avatars may not be taken.

Armies of over 750 points may include Bien-Dra’tuicich-nova as a special character.

Howling Banshees are taken as Troop Choices.

Wraithguard are 0-1 choices.

Rather than taking Storm Guardians or Guardian Defenders, the army must instead include Guardians with the options of Storm Guardians but armed with Shuriken Catapults and always armed with plasma and krak grenades (thus costing 10pts base).

Wave Serpents are 0-1 choices.

Fast Attack:
Swooping Hawks are a 0-1 choice.

Heavy Support:
Wraithlords are 0-1 choices.
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Default Re: Emerald Phoenix Raiding Force

i would like to know more of this "Bien-Dra’tuicich-nova" you speak of, i may just be uninformed but i have never heard of him/her/it

also, interesting Guardian cross breeds, that i shall dub the Dorm Guard

i dont quite get why you dont want an Avatar in a "hard-hitting attack force", as they are not realy resources, more like weapons that regrow themselves when broken... but your choice not mine right?right.
This statement is false.
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Default Re: Emerald Phoenix Raiding Force

The group severed themselves from the craftworld and have a single raiding ship at their disposal - I might work something into the fluff but it seems to me that a single Farseer and a handful of Warlocks wouldn't have that much influence on a godling.

The reference to Bien-Dra’tuicich-nova is about the leader of the group - a special character I'm still working on.

Thanks for the input, the rules were meant to be unconventional and fluff-following: heck, if I had it my way the Wraithguard would double as Techpreists, all they do normally is repair the jury-rigged reactor.
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