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New Eldar Support Weapon Models
Closed Thread
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Kroot Shaper
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Default New Eldar Support Weapon Models

Still the same type but new models. Go to the GW site to see more.


They look fantastic! But... I still can't see using them with the current rules. They are expensive point and price-wise, and rule wise they are short ranged or not too effective from what I've seen. One thing I can see doing easily though is putting magnets on it so I can switch out the gun whenever I like.
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Default Re: New Eldar Support Weapon Models

The Vibro-cannon is a pretty darn good weapon. You just have to support it sufficiently to make sure that your opponents cant get to it with deepstriking units and flamers.
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Default Re: New Eldar Support Weapon Models

Not saying anything about this thread in particular but there is a similar but more general thread here about all of the new spearhead models incase you wanted to take a peak.


Although I agree that it was about time that the Platforms got new models other kits such as the Witchhunter Exorsist could have done with a model first. Hopefully we'll see more players using them now, even if they are still expensive.
Originally Posted by Rafe
Edit: Silk Spectre wins the thread.
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Originally Posted by Circus
I'm amazed at how balanced this is. I salute you.
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Default Re: New Eldar Support Weapon Models

As noted, this is covered in another thread, so locked.
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Closed Thread


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