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Eldar-Altaioc-New player
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Default Eldar-Altaioc-New player

First: I don't have an Eldar Codex.

Second: I'm fairly new to 40K

I plan on having Tau as my main army, and then possibly Necrons, that is still on the fence and could be swung by this very thread.

The Eldar, however, appeal to me very much.
I don't have their codex yet because all I hear is how much they need a new one.

If you could:

A) Shed some light on why this is so

B) How viable an Eldar KTeam or Combat Patrol is, with special attention placed on Rangers and Pathfinders

C) How friggin' sweet Altaioc are

I would be much obliged.

Thank you,


Note: Short, sweet and to the point, it's very early/late and I am tired, sorry.
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Default Re: Eldar-Altaioc-New player

There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the Eldar - just lots of little things which could be improved, such as the points cost of things and the range of some other weaponry.

You really will need to buy the codex if you want to use Eldar - it won't be upgraded for some time (although it is due to be upgraded in the future it will take some time.)
If you want to use Alaitoc - you will also need the Eldar craftworld codex supplement.

Rangers and pathfinders are good units for pinning enemy units which aren't fearless and pathfinders especially are great for taking out tough, nasty enemy units. However you need to have Alaitoc to use pathfinders.

One of the reasons why Alaitoc is great is because of the 'Ranger disruption table.' This allows you to roll one dice per ranger and pathfinder unit on a table - and the result can enable you to pin enemy units and put enemy units into reserve before the first turn of the battle begins.

Hope that helps.
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Default Re: Eldar-Altaioc-New player

Well here is my view. Alaitoc are a good army and their pathfinders are exceptional at taking down heavily armoured units such as marines and other terminators for that matter. But in my opinion it is the table that ruins them. For me this is a very stupid idea. Although yes it does reflect how these units work (pinning units off the field and so forth) i have witness ed the damage this table can do and it annoys players. The table was designed to help the eldar but did not take into consideration other players. This table was not made to make friends lol. But thats my opinion anyways.

Also i would suggest as Tau-Killer has suggested you really need the codex. it will become your bible so learn it. I would also suggest that you start by collecting regular eldar as you will get a better feel for the army and their tactics. Then you can move on to the Alaitoc when you better understand the eldar.

Hope that helps.
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