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Exarch wargear: aesthetics vs. combat usefulness?
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Default Exarch wargear: aesthetics vs. combat usefulness?

I'm currently putting together my first ever 40K army, after around 17 years of on and off interest in the game. Having assembled and painted my Guardians I've now moved on to my Dire Avengers, which has me in a sort of dillemma...

The problem, such as it is, is that I've come to the conclusion that twin shuricats are usually the way to go for DA Exarchs, yet the power weapons/ shimmershield combo just looks so much more appealing on the miniature. Twin shriken catapults just looks... tacky... in a way - IMHO, of course.

I do play to play actual games with my army when it's done, and I'd prefer not to get constantly trounced - which is why I'm not sure whether to go with the "most useful" weapon outfit, or the one I prefer the look of on. What do you guys do when the "best" weapon on a model isn't the one you like the most on a purely aestehtic level?
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Default Re: Exarch wargear: aesthetics vs. combat usefulness?

My group is very lax on WYSIWYG so this isn't much of a problem for me, but I do understand your dilema. Dual Shurican Catapults would look stupid, I imagine, and the Sword/shield combo is very appealing. What you could do is take the Sword and Shield, it's not a BAD set up, and just use the squad in a more assault oriented manner (perhaps give the Exarch Bladestorm, the reload time isn't as bad if you're stuck in assault anyway). This way you get the look you want and still use it to your full capacity. That or take the stupid looking set up and use it for it's bonuses. Sometimes I take options just because they look good and try to work them into my strategy
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Default Re: Exarch wargear: aesthetics vs. combat usefulness?

Well first off, the shimmershield combo is fairly effective, just in a different way. If you give the Exarch defend you know have a high initiative, invulnerable save CC unit that reduces enemy attacks. One effective speedbump/tarpit, and they're still great at shooting.

However, if you want to specialize at shooting, which I think is the best option, the cheapest and best way is the shuricats, which you've got spot-on. There are several options for when you don't like your option.

1. Convert your exarch out of a normal model. For example, modding with a spider's deathspinner to create a spinneret rifle. (The exarch only comes with 1 way to make him :P)

2. Give your exarch something that resembles it but doesn't look lame. With one of my exarchs, I have him one handing a shuricat, and the other I used the pointing arm with a shuriken pistol used with the dire sword. This gives him two guns, but ensures he looks unique. my other exarch has one of the dual shuriken catapults, and the other is mounted on his ammo-belt, which he has his other hand on. Get creative!

3. If you reaaaally hate the look, assemble him with the spear and shield and just screw WYSIWYG.
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Default Re: Exarch wargear: aesthetics vs. combat usefulness?

combat efectiveness can go along way, but if you like aesthetics can't go(too) wrong with conversions
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Default Re: Exarch wargear: aesthetics vs. combat usefulness?

Break his arms at the elbows and repose him with two shuricats. Make things more dynamic, and you'll be amazed at how much better the more tacky models can look.

All that aside, I actually have two dual-cat Exarchs, a shimmershield Exarch, and a power weapon Exarch so I can pick and choose, but I actually like the dual-cat Exarchs aesthetically as well.

Fire Dragon Exarch with the Firepike is the coolest model I own, and I never take the Firepike. I just say it's a personalized Fusion Gun for the sergeant model if anyone asks.
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Default Re: Exarch wargear: aesthetics vs. combat usefulness?

I like all of the DA Exarch looks, even the twin catapults.

I've seen a conversion where someone took a Shuriken Cannon and gave it to the Exarch. Looks rather interesting I think actually, but then again I'm from Texas: I like big guns!

So, what exactly is it about the twin-catapults that you don't like? Pretty thin enough I think they work nicely.

As far as effectiveness goes, the Dire Avengers are a pretty flexible unit with the upgrades, able to take on anything that isn't a tank or super-tough monster. I thought I was the only one who liked the Shimmershield/Power Weapon combo until I played against someone else who had it and found a few other players stating they use it. I just wish the Dire Avengers came with Plasma Grenades.
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