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Falcons without Holofields?
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Default Falcons without Holofields?

Has anyone ever tried this? I mean, it seems crazy because the holofield is such an awesome upgrade but I was just wondering if people had given this a shot. You save so many points that you can add all sorts of awesome stuff to the rest of your army. Lemme know what your experience has been.
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Default Re: Falcons without Holofields?

With a Fortune-toting Farseer nearby, it's not unheard of, but far more risky. With Pulse Lasers and secondary heavy weapons, as well as the knowledge that it's transporting something, Falcons are typically high-priority targets. Because of this, I would recommend at least Fortuning a Falcon's Flat Out obscured save. Outside of that, keeping it out of line of sight helps a great deal.

A friend of mine has an app on his iPhone that calculates the probability in percentages of each damaged result on a vehicle, using just about every possible weapon you can think of (utilizing Strength, AP, Armor, and added effects such as Melta or Holo-Fields). Let's just say that when I asked him to calculate a Melta on front armor of a Holo-Falcon, the numbers were astounding. It's something like a grand total of 8% chance to get a 5 or 6 on a penetration, and that's if it didn't have an obscured save, let alone a Fortuned obscured save. I don't remember any of the numbers exactly. The chances of powerfists getting through are even less - it's quite literally a 1.5% chance of getting a 5 or 6 on pen in melee with a single S10 attack if the skimmer moved Cruising Speed or faster.

Based on my personal experiences with running non-holos and holos alike, and seeing that app, I pretty much always take Holo-fields.
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Default Re: Falcons without Holofields?

Well I don't use falcons much, but I've been running 2 bare bones fire-prisms and they have been doing alright. I don't like the jack-of-all-ness of the falcon, and use more serpents. The only time I'd regularly use a falcon with holofields is to instant kill the uninstantkillable. Tank shocking things that'd rip it apart, they death or glory, can't do more than shake it.
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Default Re: Falcons without Holofields?

Breifly, The Falcon's reputation precedes it, some assume holofields are standard and won't even ask, simply fire at something else.
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Default Re: Falcons without Holofields?

Seems like general consensu is that there's no reason not to put the holofields on there. I'm not gonna bother trying it out. I've played against a falcon heavy list. It's tough to stop. I'm actually going to be putting all my Eldar skimmers on the lower flying bases too. That way I'll be able get cover saves easily with a skimmers low profile.
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