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Game Tomorrow, 2000 point Eldar Against Chaos Deamons.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Game Tomorrow, 2000 point Eldar Against Chaos Deamons.

hi all, well i'm fighting a Slaanesh/Tzeentch 2000 point Deamon army, and i Know my opponent will be taking a least 2 soulgrinders and Fateweaver and the Masque, and a truck load of other deamons, heres my list so far.


Eldrad + 210
Wave Serpent with twin-linked Bright lances + 135


10 man squad of Howling Banshees +177
Exarch Upgrade
Warshout power


Pathfinders + 120

12 man Squad of dire avengers + 165
bladestorm and defend
Exarch has Power sword and shimmer shield

Heavy Support

3 war walkers + 180

Comes to 987 points, now i still have another 1000 points to spend, i'm thinking a Wraithlord with twin-linked brightlances and maybe another squad of Warwalkers, again with scatterlasers. I am fighting 40+ deamons. I don't know if a should take a Phoenix lord, like Asurmen? Or some Harlequins to fight the Deamonettes of Slaanesh. Should i take some fire dragons mounted in a falcon to deal with the soul grinders or would 10 wraithguard be better since they can get penetrating hits on any armour with a 5 or 6? Any advice?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Game Tomorrow, 2000 point Eldar Against Chaos Deamons.

I'd recommend re-reading the codex. I do not believe that dire avengers go up to 10. I also do not know about Ellie riding his own wave serpent, but I do not play him so I wouldn't know for sure.

It has been a while since I have faced off against Daemons, I think that their demon bomb deployment is what usually throws people for a loop. I'd say go with Autarchs and plan on keeping a large portion of your army in reserve. Aim to go second so that his army is on the table before you come in. At that point it is just a matter of pitting the strengths of your army against any weaknesses created by how his army hits the table.
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Default Re: Game Tomorrow, 2000 point Eldar Against Chaos Deamons.

Well I suppose what you bring depends on the models you have? If you hae the war walkers, that what I would go with. Having never faced demons I can't tell you tactics etc., but rotnak1271 seems to have a sound plan. I also agree than Elrad getting his own private limo is kinda weird, I mean hes a support guy, give him something to support.
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Default Re: Game Tomorrow, 2000 point Eldar Against Chaos Deamons.

Instead of banshees you should run scorpions instead. The whole army has invul saves so you should worry more about volume of fire instead of any ap.

Keep your dire avengers in cover. A squad of 10 pink horrors can lay down 30 shots hitting 15 times wounding 10 dire avengers and killing 10 on average if they're not in cover. The best way to deal with horrors is close combat than trying to out shoot them. If tau was daemons they would be tzeench.

Since he have slaansh the regular daemons you would want to avoid close combat with the daemoneetes since a squad of 10 on a charge would have 40 attacks hitting 20 times causing 3 auto kills and 3 just dying by failed saves. I think scorpions would fare better or cheap harlequins without the kiss in combat with daemonettes.

The soulgrinder and lord of chage will be problems. Fire dragons would be good against either one. Well scatter lasers for lord of chage would probablly work better.
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Default Re: Game Tomorrow, 2000 point Eldar Against Chaos Deamons.

Against Daemons I recommend a more shooty army. They're pretty beastly in assault. Even more so than Eldar assault units. But their troops that are good in assault are generally pretty weak against shooting. Plague Bearers are durable but slow and can easily be taken out by starcannons or fire dragons. Bloodletters and Daemonettes can very easily be taken out by a well placed blast template from a fire prism or bladestorm from Dire Avengers. So basically I'd recommend more dire avengers and a couple of fire prisms. Your warwalkers are configured pretty awesome. The 24 strength 6 shots would be awesome.
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Default Re: Game Tomorrow, 2000 point Eldar Against Chaos Deamons.

"Daemonettes can very easily be taken out by a well placed blast template from a fire prism or bladestorm from Dire Avengers."
Only if the player is stupid enough to place their units out on the open for that unit to be blown to bits.

Cover (as well as speed) is the Daemonettes friend.

The good thing is that your opponent took two soul grinders. That is up to +350 points waiting to be destroyed quickly. I have stated this before on other posts on this site, when a Chaos player brings in a soul grinder on to the table top, and I am playing them, it makes my job so much easier to win the game. 5th Ed Game mechanics royally messed up the Soul grinder units.

Mechanized Eldar is the way to go if you got the models to do this, otherwise go shooty as much as possible.

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