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balancing my wraith lord list
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Default balancing my wraith lord list

currently my wraithquard list has 2 wraith lords 2 wraith guard squads, a banshees squad. However i keep changing my list all the time to try work out how to deal with my friend's irratating space marine with all a LR and 2 vinidcators. How do i stop his charges and block his vindicators at them same time because i rely on my falcon and serpent to blos of vindicator but it leaves my wraith guard free to be assulted by termies because i also use them to stop charges. The bright lances on the wraithlord doesn't do the job well enough and i don't have room for fire dragons in a 2k list because i spent some of the points on avengers so i get 3 troop options
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Default Re: balancing my wraith lord list

It is difficult to give list advice when we don't see the entire list

My advice, post you army in it's entirety in the Eldar List section. Add as much information as you can around your strategy and any common tactics you employ. Also note your weaknesses.

Having said that - your list looks like it contains 2 x W/guard units (as troops) and 2 x W/lords (with brightlances). Off the top of my head that sounds like close to 1400 points.

I love both units, but by definition this list is unbalanced. If you want to balance it, then I suspect you need to either (at least) lose 1 W/g squad, or both w/lords (or 1 of each).

This will free up enough points to invest in some other squads that will support your core. You have lots of choices here - which ones you should go for depend on what minis you have, what minis you want! and what you want your strategy to be.
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Default Re: balancing my wraith lord list

here is my list
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: balancing my wraith lord list

So it sounds like you're looking to beat a vanilla SM list that has 2x vindicators and a land raider with termies in it with what you posted in the list section, right?

Not knowing what your friend has on the table as well I would deploy the guard in the center with the wraithlords off to one side or the other with the harlies and the dragon wagon. I'd use Ellie's divination to move the wraithguard over to that side of the table and try to pull a refused flank. Maybe that'll get you a turn repreive from an assault or a vindie shot. Walker goes in reserve to outflank for rear shots.

Hang back with the guard, get the dragons into range to pop the biggest threat. Keep the harlies near the guard as a counter charge unit to try and scare him away. Use the harlies as a shield for a 4+ cover save when he shoots thru them at the guard. Wait to advance towards him once the vindies are not shooting and the termies are out of the land raider.

That being said I wouldn't take a farseer along with Ellie, I don't think that a bonus guide would be worth it when Ellie can do so much. I don't think you have to worry to much about wraithsight when you have so many other psychers in the army. I'm a fan of the outflank, I'd prolly spend points on a cheap autarch instead with a fusion gun to ride with the dragons, try and add points to the war walker to put out two with scatter lasers.
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