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Wraithguard and termies
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Default Wraithguard and termies

how do we stop assult terminators with a wraith guard list cause those termis never pop out until they want to and a wraith list has little to shoo a LR down before they charge
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Default Re: wraith guard and termies

Well before we answer your question, can you please use proper grammar and spelling.

Okay, What are you arming your Warithlords with (presuming you are taking them). What points are you playing with? What else do you have in your army? I'd personally advise brightlance wielding wraithlords or Wave Serpents, or drop and pop Dragons. Against the actual terminators I'd use weight of fire + doom. Avengers, Warp Spiders and guardians can do this well. Assault terminators take the most damage from massed fire, so whilst wraithguard have great weapons, that Inv. save will mess ya up. Hope I was of assistance.
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Default Re: wraith guard and termies

Wraithguard (as I am guessing you know) are brilliant when under enemy fire. Termies in CC however and many other assault units can cause them serious problems. Heck a single power fist can cause damage!

Dealing with termies delivered with a landraider is similar to dealing with every threat to this squad. This is how I play my wraithwall.
[list type=decimal][*]Set the wraithwall up in front of your list and start marching to midfield - I.e. I want my opponent to a) shoot at me, and b) beeline his assault squads at me.[*]Have my counter attack and screen forces nearby - ideally I will set them up on the appropriate flank to deal with the right threat[*]As soon as my opponent has "committed" to engaging the wall, I pull it back. As a general rule (there will be some exceptions) never voluntarily put the wraithwall into CC. I then protect my retreat with the appropriate counter response.[/list]
For termies, I would want to either a) assault them with my forces or b) tar pit them, and set the wraithguard up to destroy them in my next shooting phase opportunity.

I like using harlies to protect my wall, banshees would work just as well preferably mounted in a wave serpent.

If you need to tar pit, any cheap squad will do (guardians, avengers etc). I will gladly sacrifice a 1-200 point squad if it means I can keep my wraithwall clean.

Another tactic is throw a wave serpent or falcon in between the wraithguard and the land raider. This combined with the pull back means that those termies are very unlikely to get an assault on your wall. This forces your enemy into making a tough call a) go for it and possibly end up short and in serious trouble, b) take down the transport (not guaranteed - especially if it travelled fast to get there) and then face trouble from the departing units and w/g or c) retreat themselves. Either way, it is a good result for you!

Hopefully this helps a little. Learning how to keep the wriathwall clean is crucial in my view to running a successful w/g centric list. Good luck.

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