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Eldar Balanced lists
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Old 08 Jul 2005, 15:00   #1 (permalink)
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Default Eldar Balanced lists

I was just remembering my list for my Eldar army and overall it's pretty balanced...

Mine was
Avatar - 80 pts
Farseer - Mind war, fortune and guide. Singing spear and shuriken pistol. 124 pts

Howling Banshees - about 162 points or so (can't remember exactly)
7 Howling Banshees and Exarch
Exarch with acrobatic and executioner.

Fire Dragons - about 150 poitns or (again I can't remember lol)
5 Fire Dragons and Exarch
Exarch with firepike, tank hunter and burning fist.

Guardian Defender Squad - 159 points
8 Guardians, Support Platoon (+ crew) and Warlock
Warlock with witchblade, shuriken pistol and conceal.
Support Platform with starcannon.

Guardian Defender Squad - 119 points
9 Guardians and Warlock
Warlock with witchblade, shuriken pistol and conceal.

Wraithlord - about 120 points
With bright lance

D-Cannon - 50 points

So what are your balanced Eldar lists?
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Default Re: Eldar Balanced lists

Farseer - 70
-Witch Blade

Striking Scorpions (10) - 187
-Scorpion's Claw

Path-Finders (5) - 120

Path-Finders (5) - 120

Rangers (6) - 114

Rangers (6) - 114

Guardians (10) - 161

Guardians (10) - 161

Heavy Support
War Walker Squadron (3) - 330
-Brightlance (3)
-Eldar Missle Launcher (3)

Wraithlord - 120

POINTS - 1496

It has it's tips n tricks.* War Walkers pretty much only AT unit unless WL can get into cc with a tank.* Everything else is Anit-Infanty.* I could give the Scorps some Haywire Grenades.* Farseer helps destroy tanks by guiding the WW.

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Default Re: Eldar Balanced lists

1000 Points - Ulthwe

Seer Council (5): 2x Farseer w Guide and Fortune, 3x Warlocks w Enhance, Augment, Embolden

Black Guardian Defenders (20): Bright Lance, Warlock w Conceal

Black Guardian Storm (16): 2x Fusion Gun, Warlock w Witchblade, Enhance

Storm Guardians (8): 2x Flamer, 8x Haywire Grenades, Warlock w Witchblade, Destructor

Viper (2): 2x Starcannon

Wraithlord: 2x Flamer, Scatter Laser

I tried to stay within the fluff of Ulthwe for this list by taking lots of guardians and no aspect warriors. I also tried to take a mix of psychic powers as well as take a mix of combat and shooty units. In this army, every unit can adapt to take out vehicles or infantry.
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