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eldar list that needs a bit of revision
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Kroot Warrior
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Default eldar list that needs a bit of revision

ok this is what i have....

-spirit stones
-130 pts.

-fusion gun
-warp jump generator
-105 pts.


-6 Fire Dragons
-tank hunters
-131 pts.

-6 howling banshees
-mirror swords


-10 Dire Avengers
-exarch has two shuriken catapults
-wave serpent w/ twin linked bright lances
-287 pts.

-12 guardians
-121 pts.

-5 rangers
-120 pts.

-3 jetbikes
-shuriken cannon
-76 pts.


-2 Vypers
- scatter lasers
-120 pts

-5 warp spiders
-exarch has two death spinners
-127 pts.


-bright lance
-holo fields
-180 pts
-carries banshees

-bright lance
-holo fields
-180 pts.
-carries fire dragons

-5 Dark Reapers
-175 pts.

Probabley getting 10 man banshee squad and making the falcon a wave serpent, and getting rid of the autarch and replacing him with another farseer. from there i need a lot more help.
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Default Re: eldar list that needs a bit of revision

Trev would probably be able to help you out more then I can, but I think that your Troop choices are a bit to dis-concentrated :P. And maybe too few in number. There aren't that many considering your total comes out to 1880 for the whole list. I'd suggest throwing some more Troops in the mix.
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Default Re: eldar list that needs a bit of revision

I don't think your Fire Dragon falcon needs the bright lance, the dragons will do just fine drop-n-pop antitank work, and you will usually be moving, so only get 1 weapon shot anyways. They come with a pulse laser, may as well use that, and let your Dragons pop the tanks.

Starcannon in guardian squad is bad. Give them a scatterlaser. It averages out almost the same amount of kills vs. MEQ but is far more useful against hordes and light vehicles (and they can actually hit with it).

I think tankhunters is kind of overkill for Dragons. In my experience a basic squad of five does just fine melting pretty much anything you point it at (the problem is surviving the counter fire). I do like the firepike, increases their threat range.

A few trims on your falcons weapons, dumping the 'tankhunters' and losing the starcannon on the guardians could get you some points for more troops.
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Default Re: eldar list that needs a bit of revision

I second what Guitardian said. In addition though, I'm not certain if its worth keeping those BL's on your Waveserpent. You have TONS of anti-tank in this list with the Autarch, Fire Dragons, two Falcons, Warp Spiders and Vypers that those BL's are just over kill. Swap them for a Starcannon and help tear up whatever your Avengers are shooting at. If you are looking at fixin up your troops you could make the guardians you have count as Avengers and toss those bad boys a Waveserpent.

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