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Support Weapon Battery
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Support Weapon Battery

Ok, I have looked at the post and not finding my answer but there are some topics...
The questions is which is better and why?; D-Cannon or Vibro Cannon? Finally got the Codex and trying yo build my first army. If anyone has experience in using or having the se guns used on them will help in my building...

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Default Re: Support Weapon Battery

I'm going to say the D-Cannon is better with the exception of its range. The Vibro Cannon was the weapon of 4th edition. However, in 5th edition, its efficiency has decreased a bit.

Honestly, and I really hate to say this, but unless you're really dead set on getting Heavy Weapons Platforms, don't bother. They're very inefficient. Dark Reapers, War Walkers, and even Wraithlords are better stand and shoot units. Consider that you can get 3 platforms for 150 points. You've got 3 great shots at 24" an BS3. That's nothing to get excited about.

If you grab 3 War Walkers each with an EML or a Scatter Laser and Shuriken Cannons for the same points. They are more mobile, better ranged and have higher rates of fire than the weapons platforms.

Likewise, for those 150 points, you can grab 3 Dark Reapers, upgrad one to an exarch ang give him fast shot and an EML. Then you get 4 S5 shots at 48" and BS4 and 2 S8 shots at BS5. That's way better than anything the D-Cannons will do.

Sorry, I hate to jump on the "optimize" bandwagon, but Support Weapons are just sub-par and there's really no way around it.
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Default Re: Support Weapon Battery

warwalker and reapers are the bane of many an army, 6 Starcannons appearing next to my boradsides would annoy me alot, and i dare say that if i have a squad of orks suddenly faced with 6 scatterlasers id be just as annoyed. as for reapers, anything with a 3+ save just hates them.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Support Weapon Battery

Nope, I am not looking at adding Support Weapon Batteries. However, they intrigued me and there was not a lot of information which would let me decide if they are worth while. Right now my army stands with a squad of reapers with Harlies in close support. So if you try to rush my Reapers, you get a big SUPRISE!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Support Weapon Battery

I have used support weapons with Shadow Weaver at 40 points each/120 points per unit,they have a 48" range and are not line of sight. I like the fact that you can place them behind cover and use them to harass the enemy and deny area to them.

Most opponents keep away from them. So they are good area denial weapons.

OR your opponent makes them a priority target and wastes time and resources on them...just add a squad of Banshees or something to defend them and they drive your opponent crazy.

Also, the models are kinda cool.
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Default Re: Support Weapon Battery

I like the look of them, but I would have to agree with Midhir they are just subpar. They don't cost much points but looking at their stats... they are really easy to kill, their damage output is small (except versus massed gaunts or guard the shadowweaver is next to useless, the D-cannon range is too short, and the vibrocannon got nerfed by new edition vehicle rules). None of them are very good, but if you like the model, I figure the D-cannon is probably the best one to keep nearby behind a static line of rangers or guardians to threaten something that is closing to charge them. Other than that, I think they are pretty much a waste of points.

Models look cool though You can never get enough cool points, even if your army is inefficient for it.
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Default Re: Support Weapon Battery

I did a tactica on support weapons a little while ago, and whilst they have their place, as said above they are subpar.

The D-cannon is great if the enemy has to get close to do damage, and are great at keeping an area clear of enemies.

Shadow Weavers are cheap, good range and can do decent amount of wounds to most units.

Vibrocannons kinda lost a lot of glamour, but the are good at disrupting units. Causing damage to multiple units in one turn can be a lot of fun!

Don't depend on support weapons as your main part of shooting, instead treat them as their name says, as a supporting unit.
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