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Default craftworlds


im about to start an Eldar army and was woundering:

what the difference between the craftworlds?
Which would you say is best?

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Default Re: craftworlds


Why does nobody look at the "Must Read" section? :
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Default Re: craftworlds

:-[ thanks

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Default Re: craftworlds

Originally Posted by Artiglio Abilita

Which would you say is best?
As you've hopefully seen from the topic - there is no 'best craftworld.' It all comes down to personal playing styles and preferences. However if you have any questions feel free to ask....
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: craftworlds

Personally, making my own Craftworld is cool. But if you don't like that idea, I would go with Biel-Tan because the Court of Young Exarchs is nice to have and the fact that all the Aspect warriors are troops can help a lot. And green is a good color.
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Default Re: craftworlds

i believe the most popular craftworlds are ulthwe and biel tan, moreso than the original codex from waht i can tell. vanilla eldar are probably next in the pecking order, with saim hann, iyanden and alcaitoc being in a minority.

it's true that there is no one "best" craftworld. but some are more alluring than others.


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