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EO Harlequin Codex: Playable but not Official
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Default EO Harlequin Codex: Playable but not Official

Through much diliberating, tweaking, and messing with, Eldar Online and Rasmus have made a Harlequin codex that is playable, but still under constuction. If you play Harlequins and have not found this new codex please try it and post your responses at the link below. This Harlequin codex is IMHO alot better than the GW CJ stuff they gave us, so please, try out the EO Harlequin Codex if you have time and leave responses.


This link will take you to the post where the codex can be found and please leave responses I.E. how the list should be changed for the better. Please just don't whine, give us ideas on how to fix the things you thought was wrong. Any idea is a good idea, so please, summit your responses.
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