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Exodite colours
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Default Exodite colours


What colours are used by Exodites, and how do I justify it when I use colours for an Exodite world?

I couldn't find much about Exodites, not on the website nor Intorwebz, so I've just decided to go ahead and ask the brilliant minds of the Craftworld Eldar board...
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Default Re: Exodite colours

There isn't a whole lot. There are a few codices out there. The best I've found is by Tempus Fugitives. That has some background information in it (though most is fan based).

Personally, I feel that Exodites would lie somewhere between the brightly colored Craftworlds and Wood Elves from fantasy. I imagine a lot of earthy colors with a few bright colors to set them apart. The scheme that comes to mind most quickly is the winter Wood Elf pattern that was in a WD some years ago. Basically it was browns and greens with some white and blue. It looked really sharp.

Remember that Exodites live very earthy existences compared to their Craftworld kin. So their wraithbone should look more raw (undecorated) and their clothing should probably reflect some of this as well. But they are Eldar and probably still preserve some technology comparable to Craftworld kin and perhaps even pre-Fall. So they may have some brightly colored aspects too (like armor plates, banners or ceremonial weapons).

Hope this helps.

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