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Tactica - Support Weapon Battery
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Default Tactica - Support Weapon Battery

Well its been a little while, but I'm bored so here is another one....

Overview: Kinda rare in the game, these units can do significant damage when used correctly. I will go into each weapon, giving the pro's, con's and ways to improve.....


These weapons have a special place in my heart (I mean weapons that shake the enemy up, whats there not to love from me? :P) Whilst they took a hit in effectiveness in 5th edition, they can still cause a decent bit of damage...

Numbers: I generally would say its best to go full battery. 3 Vibrocannons means that the strength is up, and it increases the accuracy majorly.

Deployment: I'd personally say on a flank behind cover. They haven't the toughness to be the tip of the spear, and behind your lines causes them to be a bit of a danger.

Warlock: Yes! In the rules for artillary, it says that even upgrade characters can fire battery weapons. That means your warlock can fire one, as wel as 2 guardias firing 2 others. It is probably better to take warlocks in smaller batteries, but the other reason I advise taking a warlock is that any member of the crew that doesn't fire a main weapon can fire their sidearms at a different target. For security purposes, I'd take a singing spear. Reasons being.
1. Drop Dreadnoughts: They come in close, you can throw it and save your shooting for another target.
2. If in LOS, if a rhino/trukk/whatever is too close, you can blow it up with the spear, attack what comes out with the cannons.

Targets: I'd generaly say target Infantry. Whilst yes it does cause an instant glance against vehicles, its AP -, meaning its a negative 3 on the glancing hit table. If you can lightly nick an enemy vehicle, go for it, but don't exclusively target vehicles. The ability to target multiple units is what makes this weapon great.

Weakness: Damage is only 1D6. So it can't decimate like the other 2 weapons can. D6 on multiple units is the weapons strength...

The Vibro-trap: I worked it myself a while ago, anyone else who may have had this ida before me, I don't mean to cause offense. What you need is a farseer, Vibrocannon battery (usually 3 for greatest effect) and a wraithlord/avatar. This tactic is best used againt infantry that usually can't reliably wound the wraithlord/avatar. Before charging, use the Farseer's Mindwar power to remove hidden powerfists, icons and champions. Also cast fortune on the MC for safety. Get the monstrous creature into CC with the squad. Now the chances of an avatar/wraithlord losing combat against a standard squad of infantry is very low, and you are then able to tie them up. Problem is the wraithlord/avatar can't get through the squad quick enough usually. This is where the vibrocannonc omes into play. It is allowed to target units in CC. Being only S6 when at full power it is only a 50/50 chance of wounding the avatar and less likely to wound the wriathlord. However, it wounds most infantry on 2+ and effectively adds a few more attacks to the MC. Very handy against a boy horde without a nob, as well as gaunts, guardsmen and other eldar.

Adding Some OOMPH: A farseer can really help this unit. Doom means you do a little more damage, or can help with the vibrotrap. If you want to set up a shooting based wraithlord (EML brightlance) for tank hunting, he can stay nearby and snipe at vehicles that the vibro can't hurt as effectively.

DO hide! These guys are not tough...
DON'T use them as a last defense.... Use them as a SUPPORT weapon.They aren't the driving force, more a bit of wind to help you along.
DO Shoot some vehicles.... mostly gun tanks. If you can get a good line against a couple of Lemun russ' or landspeeders, take the shot. Preventing shooting is almost as good as destruction in some cases.
DON'T have a meatshield infront of you. The vibrocannon can hit your own men....


I call these ones Houdini Guns.... If they hit they make everything disappear!

Numbers 2-3. 1 doesn't put enough hurt out, and sometimes 3 is too much.... but when it comes to killing, I'd prefer too much...

Deployment: As before.... Hiding! They can also be placed on a weak flank.... They have pretty decent threat capability...

Warlock: Not really that needed, except for the multi targetting ability explained earlier....

Targets: ANYTHING! 2+ to wound anything, glances on 3-4, Pens on 5-6.... They can wipe out most units with ease...

Weaknesses Pretty limited range, but good deployment can fix that. Also relatively innaccurate.... But that can be fixed with a farseer guiding....

Adding Some OOMPH: Farseer guide + doom.... Doom says you re-roll to wound rolls, not just failed ones. A big unit of nobz to close? Re-roll those 1s,2s,3s,4s and 5s and watch you cause more instant death!

DO hide! These guys are not tough...
DON'T Depend on them.... The dice gods are fickle.....
DO Keep supporting squads nearby.... a weakened unit is an easy kill.
DON'T have a meatshield infront of you. The scatters aren't fun...

Shadow Weaver

Whilst I haven't used one, I am contemplating it. They are cheap, can do decent damage and have good range...

Numbers Full... more damage the better....

Deployment In between flank and centre.... they have range to hit a lot of targets. Theyc an't control a flank like the other two weapons can, but can support....

Targets Infantry other than TEQ. They can usually cause enough wounds with their strength... Pinning can be fun but don't rely on it. The three blasts shouldn't leave much usually anyway.

Weakness: Lack of accuracy, toughness and AP.... But sheer amount of shots at range make up for that.

Adding some OOOMPH! Doom and guide.... Simple.

DO hide! These guys are not tough... again
DON'T Depend on them.... The dice gods are fickle..... again
DO Try and fire at range as much as possible... no intervening cover for you...
DON'T Fire near friends... Eldar don't like S6....

Okay, its done, post your comments, suggestions, likes dislikes.... Hope you enjoy...
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Default Re: Tactica - Support Weapon Battery

I would agree with all of this tactica another great job, but I think the d-cannon is easily better then the shadow weaver, yes it costs 20 more points but the template is the same and it wounds everything on 2s AND ignores armour saves, making it much more reliable against pretty much everything.
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Default Re: Tactica - Support Weapon Battery

They play different roles. Shadow Weaver excels at killing infantry of the MEQ and weaker equivalent. It still will wound most Infantry on a 2+. The Dcannon is best at killing everything! The shadow weaver can fire at longer range however, which gives it a big boost.
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Default Re: Tactica - Support Weapon Battery

A very nice write up. Youi might want to look at this as you go along with other weapon choices ...

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Default Re: Tactica - Support Weapon Battery

We talked about support guns on another thread, and afterwards I looked them up, and all the rules for artillery, just out of curiosity since I have never used them.

It occurs to me that the se things are just far too weak to be much of a force on a 5th ed. field. They are way too fragile, and only have limited utiliy against limited target types where they excell. 5th ed. gave us flanking, meaning sitting far off in a corner won't help. They die extremely easily, they are unwieldy, immobile, and it is easy enough for an opponent with any brain at all to keep his ideal target out of their threat range. I guess the weaver kind of works, but the other two are just asking to be blown to bits... easily... I am of the opinion that big guns that are easy to kill always make for first choice target prime in an opponent's head (and I always game in the opponents head... much more fun than math and probability... human predictability is a weapon). I like them because they look cool, but I just don't think they can cut it as a competative addition to an army. Maybe I'd stick one out there because it looks cool, and makes great bait, but I wouldn't count on it to either last very long, or have much effect on the badguys, other than tricking them into going out of their way to whack it so that my plan can continue using better, harder hitting, more resilient canonistic units. They are intriguing because they are exotic, seldom seen, but I just don't think they are very good.
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