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guardian warlock
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Old 24 Jun 2005, 22:31   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default guardian warlock

Do you just say your gaurdian is a warlock at the cost of more points, or do warlocks look different? ???
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Default Re: guardian warlock

Warlocks are seperate models.

Try looking about in here.

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Default Re: guardian warlock

Yep, those are warlocks and they have to be bought separately from Game Workshop. If you were playing a kind friend in an infromal game I'm sure that there'd be no problem pretending that a certain guardian was a warlock - providing that you could easily tell him apart (after all I once allowed someone to use a tin soldier as an Ethereal against me!) However it is much better to get the real model - and you will have to have it if you want to play in Games-Workshop tournaments....
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Default Re: guardian warlock

Yes, the warlock does have to be bought seperatly. They are a great supporting unit. They accompany units of farseers, wraithguard or guardians.
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Default Re: guardian warlock

If you want a short order Warlock and are sick of paying more than $10 for a single metal, consider using epoxy putty and some handy conversion to make a spare Guardian into a Warlock... then again, all my Guardians have cloaks to put the Steel Legion to shame :.
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