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Eldar army help?
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Default Eldar army help?

I was thinking of starting an eldar army as at my local GW nobody seems to play them and i.m willing to try them out. I was wondering what i should get first, i would like and that is decent in close combat and packs a punch in the firepower category. I was thinking of have 2 10 man guardian squads on with shuriken cannon grav platform and the other with brightlance, with some howling banshees and farseer riding in a falcon/wave serpent supported by dark reapers and a wraithlord.

I am aiming for around 1k to 1.5k points and would like to see what i should/could and need in my army.
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Default Re: Eldar army help?

As just about everyone will, I'll start with this: What armies are you playing?

Anyways, I think you might want to edit your post a tad here "i would like and that..." doesn't make much sense to me.

Guardians happen to be a pretty poor unit IMO. Their guns are short ranged, they're very easy to kill and have a poor WS/BS. Dire Avengers are an amazing upgrade that looks awesome. They are more durable vs. stuff like bolters, they have a good WS/BS/I, and longer ranged weapons. Give them an Exarch with Bladestorm and a double shuriken catapult and they are absolute terrors for just about every infantry unit there is. Add in a Farseer with Doom/Guide and they hit 8/9 times, wound 3/4 time (vs. T4) on 32 shots! Make sure the Farseer has Spirit stones though, so he can cast both at the same time.

Howling Banshees happen to be a unit that I just generally don't like. But don't let that discourage you. They are brutal against Necrons and Space Marines (if you add in the above Farseer for extra death!), and even Terminators have reasons to fear them! I personally prefer Striking Scorpions for their higher S and number of attacks+better armor.

You look pretty solid with your heavy support choices. Dark Reapers destroy Marines and Necrons much like Howling Banshees. Dark Reapers however, are not good against much else, as they have a high cost, low model count, and unless you take a tempeste launcher, not terrible good vs. other infantry either. I'd say leave them at home if your opponent doesn't have a lot of 3+ saves.

Wraithlords are a solid unit. They literal can't be hurt by anything with a S lower than 5! However, they under perform for me in Close Combat. With a low-ish number of attacks, they really can't get the damage output that I want, and with only a 3+ save, they can't take a lot of missile launchers. I think that they are best as a shooting unit that has the potential to protect a more vulnerable unit. Try adding a ELM and Brightlance to them and see what you think.

Wave serpents are great transports, but suffer from being expensive. Try to keep them cheap and cheerful.

Falcons are another great transport, but they are even more expensive, don't have energy fields, and pay a lot to ensure they will survive (holofields). However, they are also a great AT unit with a pulse laser (I think that's the name) built in add a Bright lance for a second great anti tank unit.

Those are just some thoughts, but again, please tell us who you expect to be facing!
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Default Re: Eldar army help?

for eldar, remember these 3 things: metal, metal, and most importantly, metal. it is what makes the eldar great. when i first started building my eldar, the first things i built was my plastic units. i played 2 games with no metal but my farseer, and lost miserably both times. now that i have my metal built, i have been undefeated.

troops, i would say avengers and rangers. if you want CC, large strom guardian squads shielded by conceal will be your friend. unless your doing saim-hann, try not to go to guardian jetbikes. i havent tried them, but i havent heard anything good about them except for speed, but if i have some spare cash i might try them out.

elites depends on what your fighting. since pretty much every army has at least one strong low-save unit, like mega-nobz, broadsides, necron warriors, marines, etc, banshees should work in most lists. any medium or light infantry can be dealt with by scorpions. dragons are pretty much required for fighting an army with tanks, they are pretty much our railgun. wraithguard seem great, i really want to get them some time. their pretty good against vehicles, and any other infantry unit will be decimated, especially marines because of their wraithcannons. im not a big fan of harlequins, so im not gonna really say much, since i hear a lot of people saying their great and a lot of other people saying their pretty bad.

fast attack once again depends on what your playing. spears can really take down 4+ save infantry, but with their laser lances, they can be good charging marines, especially when given withdraw so they can keep hitting with those S6 power weapons. Hawks will work against most armies, since they have haywire grenades for tanks and lasblasters for hoard. lasblasters also can kill a few marines, especially when given a sunrifle exarch. i like to field them far away from my main army, then skyleap to help fake out my opponent. i drop them down behind my enemy, then shoot whatever i see if im in the open, then start going after tanks the following turn. they might get assaulted, so an autarch with wings, fusion blaster, mandiblasters, and a power sword will give them a good anti-tank punch and will especially make them more survivable. ask someone else about spiders and vypers, cause i havent even seen them fight.

heavy support is more straight-forward. reapers are great against anything with 3+save, they also can do a lot of damage to medium infantry, but lack the sheer ROW to take down light horde troops. if you dont like suicidal fire dragons, a fire prism is a good anti-tank choice. a falcon is also good, but its also pretty effective at carrying a small unit of fire dragons, banshees, or any other small squad. War walkers are very light vehicles, but they pack a punch. a unit of 3 can have 6 bright lances, or 6 missile launchers, etc. which means they can be made to kill any opponent.

i hope this helps as well. feel free to PM me with any questions you have about the eldar.
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