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Wraithguard - worth it with my setup?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Wraithguard - worth it with my setup?

I've got a big trade pending for a Tyranid army I have that's not getting played, and I have a question for y'all. Here's my current army:


Avatar of Khaine
Farseer x3
Warlock x3


Guardians x10
Guardians x10
Dire Avengers x10
Dire Avengers x10
Jetbike x4
Wave Serpent x4


Banshees x6
Fire Dragons x6
Striking Scorpions x6
Harlequins x10
-Troupe Master
-Death Jester

Fast Attack:

Swooping Hawks x6
Warp Spiders x7

Heavy Support:

Dark Reapers x5
Wraithlord x2
War Walkers x3
Falcon x2
Fire Prism x2

Is adding five wraithguard and/or four or five jetbikes (part of the pending trade) going to do anything for my setup at any points level? I run a Biel-Tan force so they’ve never been a priority and I haven’t had a chance to play with them. What do you think?
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Default Re: Wraithguard - worth it with my setup?

Well, I don't know about using Wraithguard but they'll certainly make a Nidzilla list cry if you're worried about MCs at all, and Daemons like Ku'gath. Also, Wraithcannons are one of the only ways Eldar can Penetrate a Monolith. Just be sure to bring a Wave Serpent and a Warlock for them. I think a vanilla 'lock is fine in this situation but I've toyed with the idea of an Enhancelock to ameliorate their lack of CC attacks. You know, make what they have count for more.

Oh, and FOC means you'll have to bump a squad of Elites to be able to use them at all. So that might be a tough decision.
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Default Re: Wraithguard - worth it with my setup?

I'd say that it's certainly possible to use them with what you have, but far from necessary unless you face monoliths and nidzillas with some frequency.

Overall, I think they're a good think to have around, a bit of a novelty for Eldar that can come in handy. So long as you make sure that they can keep up with the rest of your army and aren't left unsupported, they can do respectable damage/take respectable damage against the right targets (monoliths, big nasties in general).
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