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which is heavy weapon is better on vehichles?
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Default which is heavy weapon is better on vehichles?

hey all! i am currently attempting to make a mechanised eldar list for 1500 points. my question is what, in your opinion, is the best kind of heavy weapon choice for my vehichles? i have mostly been using eml's but i find that they do not offer very effective anti MEQ fire(low hit rate), which as 2 out of 3 of my main opponents have meq's, is a major problem. i recently tried starcannons against my friend who plays dark angels, but this did not offer enough anti tank fire power. so my question is this. what, in your opinion, is the best choice of heavy weapon for wave serpents/vypers? any help is much appreciated!
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Default Re: which is heavy weapon is better on vehichles?

Hey dude! Well The eldar have some sweet weapons but when it comes to taking down the big stuff, sometimes it can be a little harder. I think mabey i wouldnt rely on your wave serphants of vypers so much. vypers are ok but being open toped and armor 10 you usually find there getting popped fast (a s10 tau rail gun makes mince meat of them). And putting fancy weapons on your serphants makes them a bigger gun magnet. Meaning your more than likly going to loose your all important transports! But weapons wise for the serphant you've got 5 choices, eldar missle launcher which is s8 ap3 or s4 ap4 small blast, you've got bright lances at s8 ap2 with the lance special rule which takes any armour above the value of 12 and treats it as value 12, star cannons s6 ap2 its heavy 2, good against terminators but not so good on most vehicles (unless its back armour) scatter laser another s6 weapon with ap6 but heavy 4 this time (good for crowd control) and finally your shuriken cannons s6 ap5 heavy3. So your choices are either s8 weaponry with lower fire rate or s6 weapons with higher rates of fire. In my opinion for tank killing with serphants etc id use the brightlances because of the lance special rule, but why dont you try another aproach? For tank hunting there are so many more effective units, falcons (which can carry 6 units) fire prisms (my personal fave and with range 60 s9 ap2 small blasts) war walkers (armour 10 but they aint open topped!) fire dragons (they make things go boom! and have the tank hunter rule!) wraith lords bs4 hitting on 3s with a brightlance.. better chance of damaging a vehicle and then your lord can assault... no way a vehicles driving/skimming away from that! there are many more possiblitys just depends what you have to work with really. hope this helps
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Default Re: which is heavy weapon is better on vehichles?

Assuming you want to create an all-come list, there are only two heavy weapons that shine on vehicles: Shuriken Cannon and Scatter Lasers. Those are the two weapons you are going to need, except on your Vyperns, where the EML is a good combo alongside the Schuriken Cannon since it can be fired as a defensive weapon.

But in all other cases you can follow these two general guidelines:
1. Shuriken Cannon gives you the best value for money.
2. Scatter Lasers gives you the best punch.

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Default Re: which is heavy weapon is better on vehichles?

Personally I'd say don't make all your vehicles focus on one thing. Run a few with EMLs and a few with Scatter Lasers/Shuricannons. Unless you fight a lot of TEQ heavy lists I'd stay away from Star Cannons. They are pricey and have a low rate of fire. I'm not big on lances either, once again big point sink and a low fire rate. If you must run a lance I'd put it on a Serpent if nothing else for the Twin linked factor. I can't tell you how many ones I roll on single shot weapons, and with something as pricey and important as a Lance you do not want that to miss.

Best anti-tank option for a Mechdar list in my opinion is sticking a Dragon Wagon in the mix. I hate relying on tank weaponry to take out other vehicles simply because we don't have a single one that can reliably pop armor. Some would argue with me, but I speak from personal experience and personally the dice gods hate me. lol.
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Default Re: which is heavy weapon is better on vehichles?

I know some of this has been mentioned but I'll give my 2 cents.

I personally feel Vypers are best given EML's to take advantage of the 48" range keeping them safe. It's also a versatile gun due to it's two firing modes.

For wave serpents I tend to give them either EML with an underslung Shr Cannon or just Scatter laser's. Scatter laser's are great vs any infantry and light vehicles (AV 10's or 11's). I personally very rarely use BL's unless I'm running a EML/BL Wraith Lord or I'm playing a high points cost game, 2k+. However I know some people like to put BL's on wave serpents which isn't a bad idea due to twin linked.

However like Taldan said, A dragon wagon is probably the best anti tank option eldar have. Followed closely by a Jetbike Seer council in my opinion.
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Default Re: which is heavy weapon is better on vehichles?

Against MeQs I personally would say that scatter lasers are the best weapon. EMLs are alright but they're either too weak or there isn't enough volume of fire for them to do any damage. Scatter lasers solve both these problems. One thing to remember that I always tell new people who want to play eldar is that, in an eldar army, there is no such thing as too many S6 shots.
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