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Which is better Scorpions or Banshees?
View Poll Results: Which is better Scorpions or Banshees?
Stricking Scorpions 1 50.00%
Howling Banshees 1 50.00%
Voters: 2. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Which is better Scorpions or Banshees?

Which do you take Striking Scorpions or Howling Banshees?
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Default Re: Which is better Scorpions or Banshees?

Ok as a rule these post are forbidden: see [url:http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=5481.msg1329#msg1329]here[/url]. Especially this bit:

6: Polls:
Please do not make the following topics:

"Which army do you collect?"

"Which army is the best?"

"Which army is the worst?"

"Who would win between [army x] and [army y]?"

Or any variation thereof... and definitely do not make polls about them
Both the Banshee and Scorpion are equally good in their respective role.
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Default Re: Which is better Scorpions or Banshees?

This thread's been beaten to death several (hundred) times. Refer to the search function.

In a simple summation, apples and oranges.

Banshees are good at faster assaults due to a higher kill rate per turn and fleet of foot, also they're better at killing TEQs, units with FNP and are more effective combined with Doom. Essentially they're good shock units with low mileage.

Scorpions have a lower kill rate but will kill more for every type of unit except TEQ. (And in the case of GEQ Scorpions are without contest better). They're also beneficial due to being able to outflank, and don't require an expensive delivery system like the Banshees do. And of course they're durable in combat. However due to how slow they are to arrive (without fleet of foot and out flanking is unpredictable) they're pretty bad as vanguard/shock units.



Use against: TEQ, MEQ which you need to kill as fast as possible (say they're in a critical location and you have one turn to dislodge them)

Use with: Doomseer, Falcon/Wave Serpent


Use against: Hordes, MEQ which you're in no hurry to kill

Use with: Autarch helps, but fairly independent otherwise

Also there's a point in there somewhere probably about Banshees being made semi-obsolete by harlequins.

Topic lock.
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