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Need Help Painting Eldar
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Default Need Help Painting Eldar

I'm pretty sure this is where to put this. Anyways, hi, I'm AngryBadger, brand new to the forums although I've snooped around here a few times before. I'm a VERY bad painter compared to most of the general public, and am in the average-low category among my friends (none of which are Eldar players). I was hoping to get some tips on painting my custom Taranthuir Craftworld army. Here's how I have it set up:

Story: Taranthuir is believed to be made up of the descendants of former Ulthwe Craftworld Eldar. The Craftworld has sworn to protect the Eldar race from Chaos (I have a much longer version of this somewhere, but there's the summary).

Colors: Mostly black, weapons either gray or boltgun metal, with the main unique supporting color being orange. I have been trying out both red and light blue eyes, and both purple and red gems.

Army: Made up mostly of long-ranged troops, I have excess guardians along with many powerful ranged Eldar (i.e. War Walkers, Dark Reapers, etc.). I also have included Maugan Ra, and, due to him being punished in CC even with his allies by a Carnifex, I plan to add Fuegan or Karandras to the mix as a backup CC force.

If anyone can give me any advice on basic painting that would look good, I would appreciate it. Though I have been painting for about 3 years, I still have never really sat down and tried to learn, so, I don't have much experience with most techniques.

Thanks in advance to any commenters,

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Default Re: Need Help Painting Eldar


Welcome to the Tau Online Forums, please make sure to read the rules, and send any questions to myself, or any of the other Mods and Admins. Enjoy your stay! Please take some time to drop a post in the Introduce Yourself board.
For more on sharing your Craftworld's fluff, please check out the Eldar Armies of Tau Online. Many of us have already contrubuted, so this will also give you chance to see what your fellow Seers and Autarchs are up to.
For advice on Painting, please check out the Painting Child Board under the hobby board.

Welcome to your new community,
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Default Re: Need Help Painting Eldar

Hey AngryBadger, welcome to the Eldar forums! Im glad your getting intot he fluff and story, thats one of the most fun parts about warhammer IMO.

Your paint scheme sounds pretty cool, I say just grab a guardian and go at it. The first model i ever painted was when i was 13, I picked up a guardian model and worked on him for a full 6 hours. The paint job was mediocre at best. I finished the whole squad a month later and went over my old ones. Trust me, you get better at all the details, you just have to dive in and experiment.

I find undercoats on Eldar look fantastic. I myself use a black undercoat on all my models, which are mostly aspects. One point i would like to bring up is that yo shouldn't feel pressured to paint your aspects like the ones in the codex. I painted my dire avengers and warp spiders to match my craftworld colors, white primary with gold details. As for your guardians, I think orange would be cool for the pauldrons or helmets, as well as the backpack. Either icy blue or red would be sweet with the black, but red might match the orange a little better. Btw, an undercoat on an Eldar means that you're putting a different color in between the cracks of the armor. i think the older Eldar codex helped out with painting them moreso than the newer one.

I know you may not be looking for someone to critique your list, but 2 special characters seems a little much. A farseer would be about half the price of another special character, and he/she would compliment your ranged list well. What with guide and doom and everything. Good luck in crushing the mon-keigh!
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