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Writing some fluff for my army - The Tri Istaur (The Silent Blade)
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Default Writing some fluff for my army - The Tri Istaur (The Silent Blade)

The army runs the Alaitoc colors, but usually strays from common theme of the Craftworld. I prefer to run mech Eldar and have always been interested in the Corsair themed armies. So without further delay, here is the start of the background story.


As the Ultramarine force nears its destination, a cold wind blows across the face of the desolate planet. Eyes pressed against rifle scopes peer out from their vantage points in the sparse vegetation. A low hum thrums in the distance. The hum quickly becomes a whine as the skimmers of the Tri Istaur drop from the sky. Shots ring out and monomolecular blades glitter in the sun. The jetbikes are a blur of blue and yellow as the psychers lead by the Farseer Fhirinen sew confusion through the Ultramarine ranks. At the center of the maelstrom the corsair prince Karanovis wields his lance with extreme precision. Then, as swiftly as they came, the Eldar are gone. Smoke drifts from the wreckage and Ultramarine blood stains the ground as silence returns to the place.

What little is known about the Tri Istaur has been gathered through contact with Eldar Rangers and Pathfinders. The strike force is frequently lead by Karanovis himself, though in smaller skirmishes Fhirinen has been known to command. Fhirinen is frequently joined by a choir of Warlocks armed with the deadly Eldar witchblades and singing spears.

While the force is allied with the Alaitoc Craftworld and bears its colors, it operates independently. It will recruit Aspect Warriors from the Craftworld, and tends to favor the Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons, though there are rumors of Striking Scorpions within its members.
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