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Tau Online Grand Summer Quiz Competition: Eldar
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Default Tau Online Grand Summer Quiz Competition: Eldar

  • Quiz is open now until the 31 June 2009 at 12 Midnight GMT.
  • Answer the questions to the fullest. If your unsure of an answer, take a guess (or just leave blank)!
  • Submit your answers to Good Ol' Shakey.


Easy Questions
These questions are worth 1 point each.
1. How many weapons that have a ranged profile can an Autarch be legally armed with?
2. Name the successor to Eldrad who believes he may still be alive?
3. Name the main Eldar Anti-aircraft Tank.
4. How many psychic powers are there in the Eldar Codex?
5. What Eldar Diety created Spirit Stones as a form of communication?
6. Name the main Xeno hated by Eldar of the Biel Tan Craftworld.
7. Name the wife of Eldar god Kaela Mensha Khaine.
8. Who will summon the other Phoenix Lords at Rhana Dandra?
9. What are the main Eldar units that are captured by Imperial Forces?
10. What Phoenix Lord made an appearance when Iyanden was attacked by Tyranids?

Hard Questions
These questions are worth 3 points each.
11. What are Imperial Guard likened to when they are hit by a Shadow Weaver?
12. Name the three styles of tactics in the previous edition of the eldar codex?
13. What bodily fluids does Iyanna Arienal secrete in Codex: Craftworld Eldar?
14. What are the major differences between the current Avatar model and the previous model?
15. In a photo in Codex: Craftworld Eldar, what Space Marine Chapter are the Howling Banshees facing?

Bonus Question
If this question is correct and all of the easy questions are answered correctly, it earns you a bonus of 5 points.
16. What is the only quote by a Phoenix Lord and which one said it?

As you can see, there are 30 points up for grabs in the quiz!
  • If you get all 30 points, you get a Gold Quiz Seal.
  • If you get 24 points or more, you earn a Silver Quiz Seal.
  • If you get 18 points or more, you earn a Bronze Quiz Seal.
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Default Re: Tau Online Grand Summer Quiz Competition: Eldar

I just want to notify you of a recent change in the quiz timings:
Originally Posted by Zenai
Attention! It seems that I have failed to grasp the concept of Summer thus we will really run the Quiz the entire Summer so the TOGSQC will only end at the end of August 31st.
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