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Psychic Powers - Farseers
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Default Psychic Powers - Farseers

Hi and welcome to my Farseer Psychic Powers tactica.

I was thinking, and just realised that one of the main advantages of Eldar is their psychic prowess and we haven't even got a tactica for it!

So, here goes.

Farseers have access to 5 powers, they are:

Mind War
Eldritch Storm

They all have very different uses.

Doom is a great power, it is best used on a unit that you are just about to charge, especially if you are charging with a unit with a low strength, such as Harlequins or Banshees.
Doom allows you to re-roll failed to wound rolls, this can dramatically increase your chances in CC, even if you appear to be outnumbered.
This power can also be used in conjunction with the Dire Avenger Exarch power Bladestorm, to help you completely annihilate that pesky Guard platoon.

Mind War:
Mind War is the most 'personal' of the Farseer's powers. It allows you to pick out any model from an enemy squad so that you can try to burn their mind.
Some applications for this are:

Taking out Powerfist wielders (to make that Tactical squad useless against your Wraithlord, for example)
Removing Sergeants/Vox Casters, etc, from squads (to stop them getting that boost to their Leadership)

Mind War compares Leadership values, so it is best used against armies that have low leadership, such as Chaos Space Marines, I know it's obvious but I thought I'd remind everyone.

Eldritch Storm:
Eldritch Storm is probably the most neglected power in the Farseer's arsenal.
It may only be good against low toughness enemies and tanks, but that's just it!
It's strength 3 and lack of AP can still be effective against Guard (Cadian or Catachan) and especially Kroot.
Also, it's ability to rotate tanks can be invaluable, this can make a huge difference, for example.
You are about to fire at the front armour of a Leman Russ, then you say to yourself: "Wait a minute, that Farseer is pretty close, why not use Eldritch Storm?" so you do, you manage to spin it around so the armour value of the side facing you drops from 14 to 10! Isn't that just wonderful?
That means that even a humble Shuriken can damage it. Not bad, eh?

Hmm... Guide. I find that this power isn't very useful most of the time, but when used at the right time, it can be absolutely fantastic. This power allows to to nominate a unit within 6" of the Farseer and allow it to re-roll any failed to hit rolls in that turn's shooting phase.
So, if you are using it on a single model such as an Autarch (not that they would really need a re-roll with such a high BS) then it can be mediocre at best. But, however, if the nominated unit is something like a War Walker Squadron who are targetting a pack of Gaunts with their Scatter Lasers, then it can be remarkable.
This power can also be used on weapons that scatter, so you can re-roll their scatter dice.
Guide, be it what you make of it, it can still be a very useful power.

Fortune is an extremely useful power in my opinion, it allows you to nominate a friendly unit within 6" of the Farseer, this unit can re-roll any failed saves it makes until the Eldar player's next turn. This can help a CC orientated unit survive until it gets into combat, or help keep that unit stuck to an objective.
So, you have a unit of Dire Avengers sitting on an objective, let's say they are under attack from mortars. You successfully cast Fortune on them, so now those Mortars are going to have a tough job of getting through their armour, making their chances of it being saved by their armour rise from 50% to 75%. This also works with cover saves, increasing their survival chances drastically.

So, there you have it, all of the Farseer's Psychic Powers, briefly underlined.


Now we move on to another problem that the Psycher encounters: Perils of the Warp (PoTW).

PoTW is a very annoying thing for a Psycher, it threatens to suck you into the warp if you roll a double 1 or a double 6.
When rolling 2D6, there is a 1/18 chance of suffering a PoTW attack.
But, if you roll 3D6 (which is possible thanks to Runes of Witnessing) and remove the highest number, the chances drop from 2/36 (or 1/18) to 17/216 (?). Let me put those in similar terms. 2/36 = 18/216. Now I've done that, I realise that Runes of Witnessing only decreases the chance by about half a percent... Never mind. (That's what you get when you make it up as you go along.

I hope you've enjoyed my Psychic Powers - Farseers tactica.
Keep your eyes peeled for an addition to this thread - Psychic Powers - Warlocks.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

- LordZanuu
Tau: W-44 L-7 T-7
Eldar: W-21 L-6 T-4

Originally Posted by Chapter Master Seth
you can never go wrong with a little promethium.
Your resident MathHammerererer-er.
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Default Re: Psychic Powers - Farseers

I usually have a farseer with doom and fortune in a squad of dire avengers, all in a wave serpent. One time I took out a whole squad of fire warriors with one round of shooting. ;D
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Default Re: Psychic Powers - Farseers

Farseers: potentially awesome... but.... here it is, from my humbly trying to help kind of point of view:;;...

TACTICA FARSEER POWERS--------------------------------------------------------------------------


Doom has a limited range for the units it supports well, the units that most benefit from it are Rangers and Harlequins, due to the rending ability and sniper weapons. Rangers are best used from range, and Harlequins like to hover to use the veil right on the border of Doom's effectiveness, at a range where no opponent wants to risk wasting a shot on them because of the Veil-Of-Tears. They want to hover where they can move/fleet/charge, which is conveniently close to the range of the Doom power. If a Farseer is used with Doom to support Harlequins I think the seer should be included in the squad so the veil can cover him too.

The fact that it is used on the Harlequins makes this an all-eggs-in-one-basket attack that could rend the intestinal contents out of anything you point it at, which makes it hard to get into place for that perfect charge because people will know what you are planning and they will be target prime as they approach.
Solution? either extra Harlequins to suffer wounds (meatyquins) which is expensive or fortune for the seer to use on his squad as they all approach, just in case the Veil roll is bad.


..Doom is also really nice with banshees due to the power weapon advantage, initiative advantage, and relative lack of ability to wound disadvantage. I wouldn't recommend using Doom with a Farseer actually running with the banshee squad, but rather setting up behind whatever cover within the spell's range and tagging them right before they go in. The banshees will splinter a squad of MEQ types without question if they get to reroll their wounds.


With Rangers, I think is best used on whatever is trying to close with them. Rangers probably wont move much from deploy area during a game. They are ruthless in a firing match, but pointless in an assault. The sniper weapon makes Doom more potent, just as it does with the Harlequin rending attack... But... The sniper rifle massively outranges the psychic power, so in order to capitalize on the advantages, you have to wait for them to come into range, coax the enemy to charge the annoyance of the snipey Rangers and once they come into range then Doom them and shoot the entrails out of them.

If used with Rangers I think it best to equip the Farseer with Guide or Fortune as well, so that on turns when nobody is in Doom-range of your static line of Snipers they can be Guided/Fortuned on whatever Reapers, D-Cannons, EML type Guardian gunned long range vehicles that hang nearby)

GUIDE: put it on vehicles! vehicles!

Our most potent, rapid firing, high strength awesome weapons are in the hands of our most incompetent gunners. Guardians firing Pulse Lasers?! Oh well... that's how it's written and we are not about to avoid the difficult issue of how to deal with such a paradox, because our Farseers guide us through. I hate to do Mathhammer, and am not allowed to go into details, but I know a that a 180 point squad of Walkers gets off 24 x S6 shots at 36" with the right weapon, but only hits half the time.

They only hit half the time reducing the efficiency massively, but... with a successful Guide (which isn't hard) on a squad of 3 walkers (or Vypers as your prefference) we increase our hits by 50%. Think about it... just with the 24 dice example... 12 hit, 12 reroll, 12 dice, 6 hit = 18 instead of 12... That is huge when all the weapons our vehicles are firing are S6+ for the most part, MEQ heavy infantry gets slaughtered despite armor because of the sheer number of dice they have to save against. Guide is best used on our VEHICLES. They carry the most powerful weapons but the weakest gunners so help em out. It's cheap.

MIND WAR AND THE 'END OF THE LEVEL BOSS': I am a bit biased here due to the fact that for a long time I was dominated from time to time by armies that absolutely sucked except for one huge supermonster character or another that I couldn't counter. Mindwar is a chance to kill that character off every turn they get into threat range, which is a two-fold advantage... It makes the wielder of the Hive-Tyrant/Chaos-Lord/Wolf-Priest etc... think twice about closing into the threat range of this power. I like to run two force orgs in a 1500, just to get a warseer in there, because for xx points thats a chance to off the most horrible unit the badguys are throwing at you, or, to deter him from getting anywhere near the area you guy might just kill him on a (usually) 50/50 chance...

Mindwar has an alternate usage, taking out hidden Powerfists and Powerclaws, or heavy weapons units against you when dropping off of transport, rendering the entire squad unable to deal with the farseer, the Destructor-Warlocks, the Enhancey Spear warlock, and so on. There is nothing a MEQ squad can do against a Mind War on their lil' hero sarge when our Ld outclasses them, he only has 1 wound we need to take, and then all the Warlocks charge in Witchblading them with initiative advantage. It's expensive, but it kicks some tail. If you combine Fortune with Mindwar you can use a farseer to spearhead an assault wherever you want, and also re-roll your invul. saves for the return fire. Expensive, yes... but how many points did he pay for his stupid lascannon or Powerfist? More than Mindwar.

don't bother, unless you like random chance, or face Guardsmen mobbed up. The fact is, it's a weak hit, and the vehicle spin thing is so random you cannot count on it. If you know your opponent is throwing massive hordes than yeah okay, I guess it may work.... but if he knows you have it then he will disperse a bit to minimize the amount of models you can catch under your pie plate. The vehicle-spin thing is an afterthought... might happen, but nothing to count on.

Best use I've seen: My big bro showed me this... just a simple fortuneseer walking behind an Avatar. The Avatar blocks shots from the Farseer, and rerolls his awesome save every turn.

Fortune is a peculiar power to utilize because it relies on whatever else the rest of the army is doing.... I believe it is in the Eldar ideaology because it will most effectively be used on whoever is about to charge in, or whoever needs to hold the most. Fortune is best used on things that stand target to enemy fire (like the aforementioned advancing Avater, Reapers, Rangers) but works on assault units like banshees, scorps, harlequins... just because there's usually a turn where they have to close and get shot at before their killer charge....

So that's it gentlemen.... My take on Farseers and how to best implement/combine their powers and with what units. Hope you enjoy, or learn, or criticize, or whatever you do.
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