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Going tankhunting with hawks
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Default Going tankhunting with hawks


I am currently running a list with speed as its main theme, without being Saim hann al the way. Now, as the army-size increase, my Space Marine friends are seriously increasing the amount of armour brought to the battlefield. Until now my scatter lasers and shuriken cannons has been able to deal with it, but it is clear that I need to boost my armys ability to deal with heavy armour.

Initially I thought Scatter-laser Wave Serpent with 5 Fire Dragons would do the trick. I play a lot of horde-armies too, so the scatter laser should keep the unit viable in those battles too. However it seems a bit boring.

Yesterday, I took a long look at Swooping Hawks and although Ive dismissed the unit earlier on, I think it may be able to do the trick (I.e. dealing efficiently with heavy armour, and laying down dakka, if no tanks are present).

My problem is, that I have absolutely no experience using hawks. So if someone are Hawk-masters I could really need some input on the following questions.

The units primary mission is to quickly get to and bring down heavy armour. (Land Raiders, Leman Russ etc.). Secondary mission is laying down dakka. On paper it seems doable, but does it work in real life? How should the unit be configured?

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Default Re: Going tankhunting with hawks

Well slind in my exp I have never done well with hawks and this is prob due to my lack of expertise with them. First off I would never deep strike with them unless of course this is after skyleap maybe. against guard the lasblasters and template will do wonders against marines not so much unless you have a doom seer around. Bout 6 with exarch with intercept and skyleap will cost you around 158 I believe. Again I am not the best with hawks, but one person that is and swears by them is Farseer_emlyn who has great sucess with them myabe you should contact him for advice.
[EDIT]My bad getting ahold of Emlyn is out of the question with his leave of absence.

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Default Re: Going tankhunting with hawks

Well I've read the tactica posted by Farseer_emlyn, and there are three things that strikes me.
1. The tactic is written for 4th ed.
2. I is hard to see if the unit performs well because of or in spite of bad rulings at the time of writting (rules that has been clearified since).
3. He seems, that in the end, he conclude that unless you are willing to pay 350 points, they are not worth taking. If that is really the case, then that is just too much for my heavy-AT-budget.
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Default Re: Going tankhunting with hawks

I personally haven't been all that impressed with my hawks performance. Then again I could just be bad with them ><

There is another option for fast anti tank. I personally have had great luck with a Jetbike Seer console for fast anti tank. If you give some of the locks destructor they rip through hordes as well and are great at staying alive. However they are very costly but it's worth seeing if they can fit into your force as you expand.
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Default Re: Going tankhunting with hawks

I've looked at the Jetbiking Seer-counsil, as an option. However - as you point out - they are horrendously expensive, and they require quite a bit of conversion. Now we are at it, I've for some time tried to get a squad of Shinning Spear to do the tankhunting for me, but I simply cannot get that unit to work.
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Default Re: Going tankhunting with hawks

The difficulty with swooping hawks is that at the end of the day, they die just as quickly as a firewarrior, but are twice the price.

I love swooping hawks and they have a special place in my heart but unfortunately they just can't seem to survive for very long unless you go the rubber banding route. If you can put in some other decent anti-tank I think that a small unit of hawks might be useful to skyleap in and out and then on turn 4 when there are fewer threatening things left, except annoying vehicles, drop them in and hunt down the last remaining vehicle(s). Otherwise, your hawks will get shot to pieces. In 4th you at least had LOS blocking terrain, but even if they get cover, they're still T3 with a 4+.
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Default Re: Going tankhunting with hawks

Swooping Hawks have always been moderatly effective for me when supported, but that support usually involves at least one vehicle with mid-strength weaponry, so I've never needed to use them against tanks.

For the most part I use them as a Deep Strike unit to support my mobile 'wings' wherever they look weak, something to salvage a mistake or press an opportunity... IMO, leave the tank hunting to the heavy stuff.
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